5 Powerful Tips to Transform Your Mindset for a Happier Life

This blog post dives into 4 key strategies, applicable to both external communication (with others) and internal communication (your inner voice),
that will significantly elevate your communication skills.

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Welcome to how to become more podcasts!

Welcome everybody to how to become more podcast. This is your host, Francois and I'm so pleased to see you here today. As you know this podcast is live and live. That means you're going without a safety net and life happens and sometimes things happen to people. The guest I was supposed to have this week could not make it so because it's live. Guess what your privilege is to have me as your guest and host this week. All right, it's a pleasure to be here. Thank you so much. And as you know, heart-centered, service-driven entrepreneurs are the tribe You are at the right place at the right time. And like I always say, someone is waiting to hear the message from you keep on keeping on and making a difference in people's lives by being who you are and delivering the message your way.

Don't copycat anybody. You're unique. So there's no competition. Alright, so it's a pleasure and an honor to be here. sometimes I feel that I like to speak so much that if this happens, I take it as an opportunity to share with you from the heart, things that really matter and make a difference today. The secret behind the attitude of gratitude So the attitude of gratitude, you've heard it before but there's a secret behind it. There's even a hidden power that is part of the attitude of gratitude and we're gonna unpack this today I also have a free gift for everybody here today. Stick around, It will be fantastic as I said there if we talk about the attitude of gratitude, these two words seem to stir things inside of people and make them take action well, congratulations you took action right now by deciding and having made the decision to watch this podcast.

Fantastic. And we know that kindness and gratitude are pretty strong words and they move you because you are heart-centered and service driven and that's my tribe, welcome home So for those of you who don't know quickly I'll you know digress a little bit but explain to you or tell you a little bit about myself. I am married to the love of my life for over 31 years now I am very blessed and we have six k. Yes, we have six kids together and now five grandkids and throughout those years we've created memories that are great indeed and we're looking forward to creating many more wonderful memories with them. Indeed family is important to me now, business-wise I show as I said and as you know because you hear heart-centered and service-driven sales entrepreneurs how to triple their income in six months while working fewer hours.

That sounds like a good deal and it's happening to clients again and again. I am a mindset and sales medic with the cure C U R R E. And more on that. Later. I was a national trainer for Tony Robbins and worked with Tony at the franchise that he had in Ontario and so that was a fantastic time. Also, Stephen Covey of the seven habits, of highly successful people for 13 years and bob Proctor for six years and God bless his soul because he passed away soon. It's gonna be a year now. And so I am really truthfully transformed because of the teachings that he has given I am forever grateful for that and sharing that legacy See my clients double and more their income and work less, spend more time with their families, and have the money to do so elegantly and creating lasting memories and my motto is, I like this one.

Don't tiptoe through life. Make a difference. You are born to make a lot of people are just tiptoeing through life. You know not making too much noise, not wanting to disturb this or that, or well that's not what it needs to be. You can be able for a look at this, we have some people that are showing up with some interesting content here. Excellent. Hey, we can all have some fun and that's great in life. Nevertheless, as I said, don't tiptoe through life, many people are not wanting to make too much noise just confirming but I'm happy that it's not you, sometimes we might be introverts because we feel that we can't speak as much as we'd like to but nevertheless, let's face it if we have a heart-centered and service driven business then it is our duty to share it.

So if it's your duty to share it, get the word out there. If you truly make a difference in people's lives, share it, I make a people I make a difference in people's lives, therefore I'm sharing it and I'm talking to as many people as I can using all the methodologies that I have available in my hand. Either online or offline paper doesn't really matter. Talking with people live in order to help them change their lives doesn't tiptoe through life There's a difference that you're going to make, get out there and make it happen. And I love to make that a reality in the lives of all those with who I come in contact Okay enough about me and now on with the subject that the secret behind the attitude of gratitude, an attitude of gratitude is the key. It's the key.

You know, you and me and everybody else, we are the key to our successful life and I show you where the luck is And we're going to cover three things Mr live you get in life, I'll repeat this. The emotional state you choose to live in determines to a large extent the results you get in your life and will unpack this in a little while second. The three essential components of attitudes and their true power in your life. So again the three essential components of attitude are there's three of them and their true power that we can unfold in your life and finally gratitude, ending it with a bang. And because the information is only potential power I remember Tony Robbins, my mentor used to say information is only potential power. We can have unlimited power but we need to put it into practice.

Therefore the implementation of information is priceless. Therefore as I said at the beginning, I have a gift for you to do exactly that. So stick around and may I humbly suggest participate fully if you're driving, if you're listening to this wherever, and be careful if you're driving, but if there's exercise or things I suggest it would be interesting that you participate. Okay so now a good day, Dave, it's good to have you here thank you for popping up. I really like that. Good So you are now and as I tell stories, picture yourself in them, there's an exercise participate and I promise nothing will be complicated and like they say, you get what you put in ready. Alright, let's go. Number one I talked about the emotional state that you live in determines to a great extent the results that you're in.

And I love to illustrate with tangible examples So everybody here knows Charlie Brown, you can put it in the chat if you know charlie Brown is a cartoon character and my favorite comic strip of Charlie Brown is as follows, There are three boxes you know when you read a cartoon, there are boxes there are three boxes in there. And so the first box and now for those of you who are here online and you can see me, that's great for those of you who are listening to this, what I'm doing is turning sideways and I'm putting my head down and slouching my shoulders with and so at the bottom of the strip, it says when I'm depressed, this is the way I stand because I feel really depressed that way. So that's the first box of that cartoon strip.

The second box is basically Charlie Brown now looking up, putting a smile on his face, shoulders back and then he says, the worst thing I can do when I'm depressed is put my head up, look up, put a smile on my face, put my shoulders back, take a deep breath because then I start to feel good And so the third box goes back to number three, charlie Brown, stooping again with his eyes looking down, shoulders are stooped in and he says that's why when I'm depressed I always stay this way. Alright, so I hope I made you at least chuckle on this because the lesson it contains is indeed very deep and profound. So let's dig a little deeper. We can clearly see by this comic strip that I told you that the emotional state that charlie Brown was in, determined what he did.

I'll say it again, the emotional state that charlie Brown was in determining what he did. And interestingly enough, he even showed us how much more control he had in changing it. But ultimately he resigned himself because that's what Charlie Brown does. So let's learn from that example and clearly understand that what we choose is our choice So let us do so wisely and by that, I mean before I said charlie Brown was down and then in the second frame he was looking up and smiling, he knew what to do to overcome it. Yet he chose not to do it. How interesting. All right, so now I'm gonna show you the following right now I'm putting my hands up and my right-hand says for information to create and then my left-hand transformation, we need to have integration and I'm pointing at ourselves and now let's do this now meaning let's apply.

The more you participate, the more you integrate and as we mentioned before implementation is priceless. So play along with me with the following emotional states. And trust me, you will appreciate it. It's a small example. And let's take for example setting the goal of earning $10,000 per month. Seems to be all over the internet right now people say, oh let's make 10,000 months and 1000 a month, okay let's use that as an example and as you participate you will remember the emotional state forever. Alright, yes I love to teach with impact. So emotional states number one we're gonna create a state inside of us and then find out how we feel. So if we say $10,000 a month now come with me and think or even say out loud or think in the following with doubt. D. O. U. B. T. Doubt doubting.

Oh, I doubt that I'll make 10,000 a month you know I've never done it and really I don't know many people who have done it and I really don't feel confident about this. I really doubt that I can ever make it happen. My fooling. Alright ouch, that did not feel good at all. So let's shake it off you know Tony Robbins. My mentor used to say whenever you're in a bad state you can use your body to move in order to shake that emotion off. So let's do that because that one was not very resourceful. The emotional state number two is gonna be hope H. O. P. E. Hope. Alright so now let's get into the scenario play-along. Hey, I really hope that I make 10,000 a month. Yeah, that'd be really nice. I think I can do it.

You know I I hope I hope I can do it. You know I made this plan here on paper and it looks good as far as I know. So I hope that I can do what needs to be done in order to make it happen. I really hope I can make 10,000 a month. All right, well that one was a little better but not ideal. So let's shake it off as well. Alright. Number three. Now the word is certainty C. R. T. I N. T. O. I certainty. All right. So now let's do this $10,000 a month. Yeah, I want to do this. I must do this. I really feel that I can like I've written this plan down and now I have the desire to make it happen and so it's going to happen I'm certain others have done it and they don't have half of what I got and yet, So who am I fooling I can do it too, definitely.

I have to stop settling I'm certain I can make it happen. I'm going to take decisive action and make a decision to make it happen and it's going to happen. How's that now? Doesn't that feel great to notice the difference between being doubtful about or hopeful? I hope I hope I hope and being certain yes, I'm going to take action and make things happen Congratulations. You have just proven to yourself that the emotional state that you choose to live in influences greatly the results that you get and that you can do something about it. See the more we become aware the better our life. Guess that's what I love about what I teach and the way that I teach, I explain the concept then you experience it, you then know it for yourself and no one can put it away and take it away from you because it puts you in control.

You're not dependent on the market, the economy, social media, or anything else for that matter. It's portable and permanent. I teach you how to fish once and then when you know you know it's yours excellent. Therefore the emotional state that you choose to live in influences greatly the results that you get now that I've said this sentence and you have all that information and the integration Now you grasp the gist of it. You say yes if I put my shoulders down, look down, and put my hand on my head in my hands, it's not a resourceful state But if I look up with a smile on my face and decide that yes I can do it and you get inside of you some more power more than it can help you. That's why now let's switch gears because the second one is gonna help as we build with the first one and the second is the three essential components of attitude finally revealed I'll have a sip here.

But first when you think about the word attitude, what comes to your mind? You know usually if you want to put it in the chat that's fine. Usually, people say things like having a good attitude or having a bad attitude a good attitude gives good results and attracts good people and circumstances in my life and a bad attitude will have a bad attitude. Now it Repulses people, people don't want to be around me and that is right. Our attitude has tremendous power over the results that we produce Notice that what I'm talking about is not outside things Gizmos or social media hacks and that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about us putting the control back into your lap in your life attitude. That's a tremendous power over the results that we produce. Okay, another thing that we hear about is the cliche sentence, as is the attitude of gratitude.

But it says that your attitude will determine your altitude. Well, this one has more truth than meets the eye because a good attitude brings higher results. And indeed we will soon discover together you guess it with another experience that will do so what are the three central components of attitude. Drum roll? Here they are thoughts, feelings, and actions. I repeat again the three central components of attitudes, our thoughts, feelings, and action. And they are closely related. Let me explain the thoughts that you entertain or that anybody entertains, creates images in our minds. And those images in our minds stir up feelings inside of us and those feelings entice us to take action and those actions create results They create your results. Let me repeat this again The thoughts that you entertain, create images in your mind. Those images stir feelings inside of you and those feelings entice you to take action.

And those actions create your results, see how closely they are related. Like the ingredients and the recipe. If you skip one ingredient, the results are usually not good And we want to avoid that, right? For example, if you make a cake and you replace sugar with flour well even though they look pretty much the same white powdery stuff, the result is not going to be good at all. Okay, let's go back to the charlie Brown example that I spoke about before because it works in reverse as well, because the actions that we take, the actions that we take, the actions that anybody takes, triggers feelings inside of us. And those feelings reemphasize the thoughts that we have. Remember the body position that charlie Brown had when he was stooped down? It was a reflection of the thoughts that he had in his mind and then when he decided to turn it around by moving his body in a different way, and putting on a smile it changed.

You see it works both ways and as I said charlie Brown has proved it in the cartoon strip cartoon stripped that we talked about before. So our attitude is largely responsible for the results that we get Let's expand. For example, you go see a scary movie and because of the crescendo of the music, you have the feeling of anticipation that something scary is gonna happen we can jokingly say that your spider senses are tingling and when the scene pops up, your body jumps and some might even scream. Therefore we see the relationship between our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions. The thought of anticipation. When the issue comes the feeling that it triggers in our body and then the action that comes out, the screaming or the jumping. See going back even to the exercise of doubt, hope, and certainty. You personally experienced that and entertaining thoughts of certainty created feelings of confidence which leads to decisive action and therefore creates the results that you were seeking again thoughts, feelings, and actions.

This is the real impact of attitude clicking on all three cylinders Now let's integrate this information a little deeper so we can expand and increase our understanding, participate with me in your mind in this small but powerful exercise Will you? Okay? As I said, you're here now, so might as well read the rewards of your participation because you are worth it. Think of a moment of the results that you created in the past. Okay, so let's first think of some good results only choose one good result that happened in your life in the past. Make it business oriented if you like. So think about something Take a deep breath as you think about it, a result that is sorry, something that created a good result. Okay, you have this idea, I have it too great. Now go back and experience it again with the information that you now have.

So as you're going back to that experience of success that you had. Okay now, are you discerning the thoughts that you entertained in that successful outcome? And as you think of the thoughts Yeah. And if you think about them, can you feel the feeling that you felt then? Those feelings undoubtedly triggered certainty and confidence to act with the determination which you did And since the actions that you take create the results that you get. You realize now that you are in control. Oh, what a feeling awesome indeed. Think about this. The thoughts that you had as you reflect back on that experience created some good feelings and those feelings made you act in a good way and therefore you got the actions that you were looking for. Because those feelings are undoubtedly triggered. As I said, confidence and certainty act with determination. And so you now realize that you're in control more than you think of the results that you get.

Now, by contrast, let's look at a situation in the past that okay, yep, find one of those examples. Now, all right, you have it good. Now let's go back to that situation and become like, Sherlock Holmes looking for clues and details such as what are the thoughts that you had at that time? Maybe it was being unclear, doubtful, or maybe even perhaps hesitant as you focus on these thoughts you're going to recreate the feelings that you have in that situation. Take a moment and analyze and feel it for a while. Hmm. It's not feeling really good, is it? Now come to understand the actions that you took were triggered by those feelings which were initiated by your thoughts. You had those thoughts, you had those feelings and you took those actions. You creative. Congratulations. You're now becoming aware that you have more control than you ever thought possible.

And that is an empowering feeling that all my clients thank me for enabling them to discover it because it finally makes them take control back of their lives. Let's explore it and find out if you can even be a more powerful example in taking control of your life and results because the more you realize what's happening, the better you can deal with it. And now we've seen first the emotional state that we have and now we talk about our attitudes, thoughts feelings, and actions. These two concepts that were discussed before are now contributing. When you put them together in a very powerful way to illustrate, imagine for a moment that you're living from the outside in sorry The first one I like, is more of the inside out, live from the inside out. If you live from the inside out it puts you in control and you become a creator meaning You determine your thoughts and those thoughts trigger the feelings that you have.

And those feelings control your actions. Therefore your results, you create them you are in control. This is an ideal emotional state to live in. And that really influences the results that you get and that you want the same way you experience it with the exercise of certainty that we did before What about on the other end of the spectrum if you live from the outside in so you are out of control and merely become a victim of circumstance. Like the economy, covid raising interest rates. Many people choose people, they choose to live that way and that's a sad choice because of what they do and sometimes I'm not immune to this, I teach you sometimes I let it happen too and you do too well letting outside circumstances control our thinking. This in turn creates feelings filled with doubt and uncertainty and then we take doubtful and uncertain actions, therefore creating sad results.

So just to illustrate this, think about it, I've experienced it recently but I quickly changed it around. What do I mean? I have people lined up to become a guest. The challenge that I do, Which is great is it's a live show but being a live show, it's a two-edged sword. If someone doesn't show up, what do you do? So now what do I do? I let outside circumstances control my thinking and then my feeling is what am I gonna do? This is insane. And then I'm doubtful. And in certain actions, I don't show up or I cancel the show. You see all these things are in my power. If I decide from inside to say, hey, someone didn't show up. Something happened. It's for a better thing. Everything happens for a reason. It's a good reason.

And I have amazing information I can share with my tribe right now and this is an opportunity to do so in a better way. Do you see as I'm doing this? That's why I'm showing up. So excited today is because I have the opportunity to share this information with you, which is life-changing as you apply it. And congratulations! As you follow along. You've been applying it. So let's not let the outside circumstance control our thinking. So how can we stop this stuff from happening Well, how's your emotional state? Are you full or are you empty? And what do I mean, I'm gonna illustrate this concept with two cans of pop and there they are right here. For those of you who are not seeing this. I have two cans of pop. One is full and one is open And so if I take the one that is filled inside the full one and I'm pressing on it and I am pressing on it.

Nothing happens. I cannot crush it. But the one that is empty. Well, it's easy to see how easily that was easily crushed. What I just did for those who don't see is I just crushed a can like with two fingers and be just crushed. If you think about it when you are filled from within like the can that is full. The outside pressure that will come for sure in life will have very little effect on you. That is a great way to live Don't you think you want the crush can or do you want the full can you decide? And although we always wish that we can have smooth sailing in our lives our business life has a tendency to knock the wind out of our sails. And you can even put it S. A. I L. S. And S. A. L. E. S. So what can we do to replenish ourselves and get back on track when our results are going sideways?

And we feel discouraged because we sort of let the outside circumstances attack us because let's face it if we let outside circumstances affect us, what we have done is we have empowered those circumstances, we have given them power and therefore we have disempowered ourselves. That's what the victim is. It's a person that disempowered. We see becoming aware of this enables us in business to shape up and say, hey, what's going on? How can I do better with this? And so how can if we're running on empty, how can we fill ourselves back up and buy empty is sometimes if you had a hard day and things are hard and it's getting rejection after rejection and things are not flying and then and then you get into a bigger problem you're not equipped to deal with that problem in a proper way.

I don't care who you are, but it's not gonna happen. So therefore if we're running on empty how can we fill ourselves back up? Don't you think it would be an important portion of our lives to say if I feel empty, how can I fill myself back up? So I stop reacting to outside circumstances but rather act from the inside out. No longer being a victim. Now is the time to introduce part three of this presentation gratitude to the rescue. When our emotional bank account is empty, we can fill it up with gratitude and by emotional bank account it's something that Stephen Covey. The seven habits of highly effective people are mentioned a lot. We all have an emotional bank account and so if we are filled with good emotions, we tend to sort of withstand difficulties in a much better way.

We tend to be able to respond to situations rather than react and we do so in a calm way. But by contrast, when our emotional bank account is empty, we tend to be in a reaction mode, we feel attacked by people and we lash back at them and most of the time is because we have nothing to give. We literally empty And the outside pressures can is really easy to crush us. Remember this can yeah, that's not a good place to be thankful. We can do something about it We can fill it. I'm showing the new can that is filled We can fill it up and withstand outside pressures more easily. And gratitude changes our emotional state immediately And has a direct impact on our thoughts, our feelings and you guessed it on actions. Therefore on the results, we get new results.

Better results because gratitude fills our emotional bank account. And by the way, let's talk about that emotional bank account a little bit more. Whenever you have relationships with people, they have an emotional bank account and you have an emotional bank account. When you're not nice to people around you, what you're doing is you're making withdrawals from their emotional bank account And let's face it, when their bank account with you gets to zero, you're going to get it. So what we need to do or we should do or what I propose that we do is constantly make deposits in other people's emotional bank accounts. And as we make deposits in them, our bank account or emotional bank account of them with us increases. And so if inadvertently, because it happens in life, nobody's perfect. Something goes sideways a little bit.

At least there are deposits in there to help the people be a little filled rather than crushed Remember if the account is empty, just a little thing crushes them. That's why sometimes you talk to people man, they last so fast. What happened? It was just a little thing. Well, it's the thing that tipped, it's the straw that broke the camel's back and that's because they were empty. And so the results, better results that we want. We need to fill ourselves so we no longer get crushed by outside circumstances because we're filled and by overcoming because we're filled in this case with gratitude. So gratitude is, as I said, a powerful, powerful emotional state. Go back to the first thing that we talked about with charlie Brown The emotional state that he was in gratitude is the most powerful one. And I'm sure that you've experienced it many times.

Let's do so right now, if you have, if you have this is interesting, everybody listening to me right now, you have running water and even hot water and on command and in abundance in your home right now. So think about it for a moment and feel grateful. You know, it's if you think about it, you want to take a hot bath, you go and then you have a hot bath. Or if you like me, a Wim Hof enthusiasts want to take a cold shower or then you can do so but it's there for us, and think about it. Some people don't have running water. So if you just think about it for a while and you're grateful says it's a privilege indeed. And when you consider it, there's a feeling of gratitude that fills us up. Maybe even a soft smile may come on our faces.

You see the thought creates the feeling that produced the action a soft smile on your face. It works all the time. Should I say it again? It works all the time. Another example you and I have is highs to see you have eyes to see. So take a moment and look around and discern all the beautiful colors in the room that you're in right now, if you're driving in your car, look around the other cars, the dashboard that you have, the trees the road, the light, the houses look at the clothes that you're wearing and the colors that they have on the diversity of them you see. Isn't it wonderful That feeling is gratitude and it changes your emotional state immediately? That's the power of it. And there are so many more examples of this from the simple to the complex.

But remember at the beginning we said that information is potential power but implementation is priceless therefore, to help you implement more of the powerful effects of gratitude in your life, I have this free gift just for you, I'm going to put it in the chat right now. If you look at it, Yeah, it's coming, and then sure the work. There you go. Perfect. And so as you look in the chat, you see, so that gift comprises a small series of short videos for incremental implementation, see small bits, including a simple worksheet that will soon become your best friend. It's a simple exercise, with no complicated steps, it gets you back on track fast with no delay and raises your energy level fast. Help you keep going and act rather than react it's also very portable and you can use it anytime you need it.

That's my gift of kindness and gratitude for you, spending your valuable time with me today. Like all gifts a caveat here when we receive them, we need to unwrap them and use them. And so in order to enjoy, I sincerely invite you to do so because it works 100% of the time providing that you use it And so it's powerful that this simple gift that I'm giving to you, it's gonna come as I said, you just click on the link that's in the chat boxes and as you do so, and I'll put them in the replays as well, you just look below you'll see it. That is going to help you to get back on track fast and make sure that I'm showing the empty can and the full can, that you don't get crushed by outside circumstances where you'll be able to withstand them because you have filled yourself up with gratitude and there are steps to do it.

And from anticipation, spoiler alert, you're gonna see in the second or third video that you get, I talk about the five plus five concepts with gratitude, five plus five. Once you get there pay close attention and as you do, it is going to transform the way that you see your life, like you wouldn't believe it is absolutely wonderful. So that's my gift for you today to be able to get filled. I'm showing the full can rather than empty, I'm showing the empty can and being able to withstand what life throws at us because it throws things at us constantly, and with this, you're able to withstand it. You're absolutely welcome. I love to serve people and serve my tribe and make things happen in the best way that I can, if you have any questions reach out to me, it's very simple how to become more dot com is my website, and how to become more dot com and you can click in there, there are chatbots, there are all sorts of things you can reach me as my pleasure or even put comments below these social media and even in the podcast region.

So now I'm excited that you now know the secret behind the attitude of gratitude because that's the title that I gave to the podcast today and the secret behind the attitude of gratitude is that you have it within yourself. Now, you're becoming aware of it and I'm so grateful that I'm giving you a free tool to help you to enhance it. And as I said with gifts, don't just let a gift collect digital dust that was guilty of that before. Don't do it with this one, take some action and reap the rewards because you'll take control back, You will start to live your life from the inside out, and you will fill your emotional bank account so that when things happen for all of us that are entrepreneurs, you know, people said how's it going, it's going great and you and I both know that we are putting 1,000% effort every day because that's the nature of the beast of being an entrepreneur being out there and making things happen.

And so because of that and life keeps taking withdrawals from our emotional bank account filling that bank account ensures that we're gonna be able to only do the second step in charlie Brown's three boxes, which is put head up put a smile on your face, look up, put your shoulders back, take a deep breath and look with positivity and certainty you can overcome because you are an overcomer, you make things happen and I appreciate you for that, 100% thank you so much for being here as I do always and every week I have this little tidbit of strategies that can help you with your business And one of the things that, as entrepreneurs sometimes we're faced with deadlines or things that are unexpected and we need to make it happen and we don't know how it says, oh, I need to be perfect because unfortunately when we go to school, they tell us unless you get an a, you're a dummy, you get a C. Or D or a dummy.

What a crazy concept. Let's not go there now But it destroys us. As people say, I don't want to try if I'm gonna fail, or if I may fail, I'm not gonna try then we've begun entrepreneurs and we need to fail eight times out of 10 and out of two times one of them breaks even they don't want knocks it out of the park. It takes a different kind of animal to do this and you and I are the same breed. So that's why I'm giving you the opportunity of showing the can to fill yourself up with gratitude to withstand it. But when the tip I want to give you today, is that when you need to do things and they need to happen, Don't let perfectionism get in the way, don't get it right, just get it going.

What do I mean by this? Sometimes we say it's not gonna be perfect. So we don't do it. So guess what? Nothing happens. But if we decide that, okay, I'm not gonna get it right, I'm just gonna get it going and when you get it going, then it starts to take some traction and as it takes some traction it starts to get some movement and then you can readjust to make it better and then the traction becomes momentum and the momentum enables you to get to the next level. This is absolutely powerful. It says don't get it right, just get it going, And the more you do this, the more traction you get the more momentum you gain, and the better results you will reap don't get it right, just get it going. This is the advice for you to keep going.

Because if you do nothing, nothing happens. If you do something, something happens. And then from that result, you can tweak it Let's use attitude as a last gift for you not to use it the wrong way and this is the wrong way of using our attitude, a composite of thoughts, feelings, and actions if you get a result that you do not like and you do not want the last thing you want to do is look at that result and start thinking about it a lot, Oh yeah, I hate this. This is not good. Let's use one that people use a lot of empty bank accounts. You look at your empty bank account and say, oh man that's an empty bank account. Check out the feelings for those of you who are seeing the video and those of you who are not my faces, grimacing shoulders going down, man I hate this having an empty bank.

And then when you're doing this you're not taking decisive action and when the phone rings and you're to serve a client you're picking up the phone and saying how can I help you? And so you're not there 100% your emotional status reflection of how you feel and they feel it at the other end of the phone or any interaction you have with these business people or your coworkers or your family for that matter. So you need to cancel. If you look at the results that are not good, this is what you need to do acknowledge that is not don't ignore it, acknowledge that it's not good and I want to acknowledge okay this is not what I want then literally. And for those of you watching the video right now I took a 1 80 degrees turn and says okay that's not what I want, what do I want.

And now you start focusing on the things that you want and then as you focus on the things that you want you to start to stir up emotions Remember you can have doubt hope or certainty and there is a choice that you have like charlie Brown had in the middle one, he decided to put his shoulders back put a smile on his face and all of a sudden he started to feel better you and I have that same possibility that same power. But we need to use it. And as we do it, we have acknowledged the things that went bad and now we focus on the things that we want as we do. So it stirs up emotion and then and then we start to take action and those actions are now different actions because we're focusing on what we want rather than what we did not want.

Do you see how this is a tool that you can have in your back pocket all the time to help you produce better results? People come into my world, I help them to work less and earn more because we're streamlining these things what is it that you want? What are the thoughts, feelings, and actions associated with it? And as we focus on these things, we produce the results more of the time. I didn't say 100% of the time anybody tells you he's got a 100% success ratio on everything run. There's no such thing as a silver bullet. There are challenges in life. I'm showing a little card here. It says success It's got an arrow going straight up. Success. Well, that's not success. Real success. And now I'm showing the other side, it's a jagged going up and down up and down up and down, up and down.

That's what real success is. And when we're down we can be, I'm showing my cat again, crushed easily. That's why we need to refill ourselves rapidly. And the gift that I've given you is gonna help you to do so because it's affordable easily done and will create instant results in your life there you have it. Thank you so much for coming today. I appreciate you. You are heart-centered and service driven and never forget someone is waiting to have you come into their lives, solve their problems offer them the service that you have in the unique way that you are showing it to people. You are the one that they're waiting for. Do not tiptoe through life, Make your light shine and become the person that you're supposed to be. That you were meant to be because you can transform lives and if now is the time and you want to reach out, reach out to me, let's get on a call together if you want and as we do so let's find out exactly what you want and maybe what's hindering stopping, slowing you down or standing in your way and then we'll eliminate this together and that way it's like if you're driving in a car with both feet on the cast on the gas and the brake, just let go of the brake and the car goes much faster.

If now is the time, let's make it happen. I value you and wish you a wonderful week until we meet again next week This is Francois from how to become more podcasts until next time, make it a great day. Have a good one everybody, and thanks for coming.

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