5 Powerful Tips to Transform Your Mindset for a Happier Life

This blog post dives into 4 key strategies, applicable to both external communication (with others) and internal communication (your inner voice),
that will significantly elevate your communication skills.

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(00:02) hello everybody Welcome Francois from howtobecomemore.com Podcast welcoming Elona Lopari today for an outstanding conversation we will have something that many people be looking for connecting the dots between you your brand your marketing and your sales and this is a very interesting introspection that people think that things are disconnected we’re gonna dive into this today and so Elona welcome it’s good to have you here thanks for coming. Francois thanks so much for having me on your beautiful podcast looking forward


(00:35) to having a great conversation and looking forward to match our energies and serve your audience today excellent and likewise to yours so a quick introduction Ilona is known best as a business catalyst. I like that Catalyst and helping Elite business owners become game changers in their field and Achieve million dollar and breakthroughs in their businesses the way that we were talking before you said that you’ve taken much time to craft this message about business catalyst what a great awareness is helping Elite


(01:07) business so ladies and gentlemen if you’re just starting Ilona is not for you you need to hit the ground running she is an expert at making things happen and it’s all crafted in there and become cane Changers all of us have a desire to change the world in some way and you help them actually do this and I like that you achieve million dollar and breakthroughs in their business tell you can you tell us a little bit more about yourself even personal if you want but business is interesting about Elona


(01:35) what should we know or can we know about you yeah thank you so much Francois for that introduction I’ve always thought of myself as a mover and a Shaker someone that’s very interested in growth and involvement so I’m never usually in one spot even as a child I used to always get disciplined by my parents for never listening always wanting to be the rebel always wanted to try new things always you know I wanted to do things my way right so I think that carry over in my personality is I’ve grown over the years


(02:04) in my personal professional side of things too so being a catalyst for me means that we don’t settle for the status quo right we’re always looking to grow as business owners and uh helping them from all the stages of their business my sweet spot is of course in the million dollars up to 50 million dollar range of businesses because that’s where I feel I can make the most impact for people and partner with companies um over the years as I’ve grown and evolved myself but I’m natively Albanian


(02:35) I moved to the US when I was only 15 I climbed the corporate ladder for many years before I entered as an entrepreneur I follow society’s definition and my parent’s definition of success because that’s why they brought us to this country from a small Eastern European country like Albania to you know, have the American dream right so for many years I did that and I learned that my latest role there was an executive leader that I achieved everything from the outside that I thought I was supposed to have


(03:06) but I was not fulfilled I was not happy so that’s where I started searching for my newfound purpose so to speak I didn’t know what I was going to do with the company it’s like the universe brings things in your journey to let you know that okay that served you well for a certain you know you learned the lessons now you gotta go to the next phase so that’s sort of you know where the personal transformation started for me and the journey of Entrepreneurship showed up because again I didn’t want to


(03:33) do another 95 I said now I’m just gonna go and build my own Purpose Driven company because at that point in the company, it was great for many years I’m very grateful for all the growth that I learned but it turned into a profit-driven culture so the purpose was put in the back end and profit you know led the way and of course, the culture turned toxic as usual that’s what happens um so I said okay I learned that as well and I’ve always been in a big corporate environment so I guess that also helped


(04:01) me to see the big picture and understand that I am a Visionary myself and help me you know Inspire to learn later on where I sat as an entrepreneur, of course, I started with everyone starts as a little solo entrepreneur my biggest challenge was I had to do it all on my own I know because I was very used to big company structure team people that I always had around me or systems so I started on the path of executive leadership coaching for a little bit then I did some career coaching and as of the last couple of years I’ve been


(04:35) stationed as a high-level growth consultant learning and growing and also connecting the dots between my journey and all the experience I have with all these companies at different phases and stages and that’s where our topic comes in today and also the book that I’ve written about how to connect the dots between all those different things that we usually hear very separately in our business and how all of those are supposed to work in harmony to grow your company and to make more impact act and also more profit so everything I learned


(05:05) that purpose is first mission purpose you know fulfillment is first and then profit usually follows so that’s what I will share with your audience today that’s awesome I appreciate that and I like that oftentimes people start with money oh we need to make some money but when you make that and and I call it they start to chase the money and by definition if you chase something it goes away from you so doing it to purpose-driven and having a mission first then what you’re doing is you’re building something and now you’re


(05:36) attracting people to it rather than chasing people that was awesome and you dropped so many nuggets in there you talked also about the status quo is not something that is acceptable and for myself, I say that mediocrity is not an option it’s there and so many people fall in the Trap of and you also said oh getting uncomfortable this is something that people don’t want to go but that’s where the growth is when you’re comfortable everything is smooth and nothing is changing hence nothing is

(06:04) happening there’s no growth when we’re getting comfortable being uncomfortable that’s when the growth starts and you said I was in the uh corporate world and it was always the same thing and I needed to grow you said life called me for more interestingly enough Ilona many people are called but few people take up the load and make it happen and that’s the difference between people that stay in the corporate as employees and people that actually go into business and become entrepreneurs and when you talk


(06:39) about entrepreneurs when you started you said when I was a kid I got scolded because I got disciplined I need to but actually that’s why you’re a good entrepreneur because an entrepreneur is someone that doesn’t want the status quo is how can I do this better and people say hey you’re disrupting me but that’s what being a good business entrepreneur is about you’re disrupting the status quo in order to bring about new results I absolutely love it as I said you’ve dropped in so many nuggets you’re so


(07:08) used to doing this that you just roll out of your tongue easily but for all people here there is a process and a progression that Ilona went through and we all need to go through this if we want to get to the next level that’s absolutely awesome talk about next level and before we go he also wrote some books and not just one this is interesting tell me about that how did that start like did you because a lot of people says oh I have to write a book I have to write a book but people don’t follow through on this what was the


(07:38) journey and these are my two two-step questions. Number one, how did you go about saying I need to write a book and then how come all right three this is interesting so can you say first one, and then how do you get to the second two the two other ones yep and the fifth one is in the writing so I will definitely share my journey with how is it that I got connected to book writing but I would say to pick it back off of what you said there is an inner voice there is our intuition speaking to us we call it God we call a


(08:07) universe I don’t want to go spiritual on your audience but I’ve learned that this whole side is amazing something I was not taught in my corporate world right being such a driven CEO you know numbers result in all of that but there was you know inner knowing when you know that it doesn’t leave you alone so started torturing me started haunting me everywhere I would feel the regret I’m like I should try it I should try there’s a reason why I’m hearing it right so it will haunt you in a good way


(08:35) if you don’t listen to your purpose and your intuition so that’s kind of my uh my two cents on sort of uh why you should listen to that and how obviously that is your higher level self speaking to you right so it’s there for a reason but book writing came obviously as a progression to our is my journey my first book I always you know I’ve been a big um let’s say a legacy person like I would like you to know whatever work I do I always look at ways how is it that I can create something that’s going to


(09:08) resist the changes, the disruption, the evolvement like what are fundamentals that I’ve learned in my life personal and professional experience that I could live with people and years down the line this could be something that they can read and it will still be applicable so that’s how I started writing my first book which was more like a memoir of my personal life and also a lot of the most important topics that I had learned that will give people some insight on how to have how to create The Ultimate Live


(09:41) Vision and how to discover their purpose so that’s kind of what the first book was about so I wrote that and then through that process of healing and Clarity of writing that first book I thought I fell in love with the process I’m like oh my gosh I love this process of writing a book because not only again it’s like me documenting my journey in a way or another I’m now I have all this knowledge and experience and to me if I’m not sharing it with others you know it’s not being purposefully used in


(10:13) the world so in a way that’s kind of how I saw my first book and then once I got really addicted to the process I started documenting because I’ve always learned how to be very process oriented in my corporate career so once I understood the process of book writing then, of course, it’s just like I could just keep going at it and I just structure my information and knowledge uh to again give people a blueprint and also be mindful of the time and space and distraction level of people so only giving people the fundamentals so that’s


(10:46) where my latest book Purpose Driven Entrepreneurship talks about only the fundamentals of growing a legacy business the tactics will change the strategies will change technology will change all of that will change but business is as old as however many years and there are certain fundamentals, just like in life there are certain principles and values that if you understand and apply those then you are very solid and strong to sustain whatever level of success is it that you are looking for so that’s kind of you know I fell in


(11:19) love with that and then after I you know published my fourth book which is an Amazon bestseller I’m always kind of attention putting a next intention for book writing so once a year according to my growth I usually collect all my experience for the year and I know branded for the work I do and I publish a book a year so my newest one is coming out in January 2023 and it’s gonna be called 24 24 right it’s going to be called Visionary Purpose Driven leadership so that’s more for higher level companies for CEOs


(11:59) Visionaries like myself are Catalyst never stop they always want to learn and grow to make the most impact and work for purpose and profit because I also believe those two have to work hand in hand otherwise can’t sustain it so yeah that’s a little bit about that Journey the book right so one thing that’s interesting is you mentioned that at first, you did not know and then you started to document what you did and then you organized it because of the CEO mindset that you had that you can organize things and then


(12:35) you said hmm that was interesting and now you start to document your next journey and then you start to write a book on it and now you said now I have my next intention is to document what I’m doing this year so that next year I can actually have a book that’s ready you have brought it down to a science at first there was unknown you took action imperfect action then you create something and then next thing you know it becomes a visual because this is one of the things I teach everybody I say guys ladies and gentlemen we are not


(13:08) everybody is born naked and upside down that’s it and so everything else needs to be learned and we need to experience things it’s scary at first when we don’t know but when we start moving forward in Perfect action we start to find the way find a path and I like that you said you document your journey I’m going to be vulnerable on this as one point my business was very close to six figures a month and people says you want to sustain this you need to hire three to five people I hire three people right


(13:37) away because let’s make it happen and I did not have Sops I spent the next three months 30 hours a week trying to tell them how to do and I says this is I’m this is wrong therefore having and I learned a hard when I tell people whenever you do something document the journey so you can actually show others the path after so it’s much easier for you and for them so these are and you’ve taken that to the next level saying as I document my journey I can now write books I absolutely love it and you said something and when we were


(14:13) talking about that we cannot connect the dots looking forward but we can do it looking backward and this is a concept that a lot of people miss out can you explain to me how you got this and then I’ll put my Twist on it but I’m interested in finding out how you feel this is we can’t connect uh forward but we can connect backward yeah absolutely I love to dive into that but I love to also add something for uh more seasoned entrepreneurs that are listening to the show when it comes to uh growing your business right I should


(14:46) always suggest two things to take a look at before you even make the next decision of your next hiring decision or the next system that you need to implement always look at your business model is it sustainable sometimes when you get to a certain level of phase on stage you might have to recreate the whole business model whatever business model served you at that point in time might need to be completely recreated right so take a look at the business model and then the other thing know thyself as the founder I have learned


(15:14) throughout my experience that I’m the Visionary I’m the one that has the ideas I’m the one that’s moving things forward and I hire an integrator I hire someone to execute I hire pretty much what I was doing for the big company before I left I was a director of operations handling the detail the execution of the day-to-day operations so that experience gave me a lot of knowledge and expertise around that area but if I take all of that away my highest best self I’m that Visionary so don’t drag yourself down


(15:43) with the things for Sops and all those things you know the details of the execution of the vision that you have there could be someone that is born to do that right so I also think that you should find either if you’re the visionary find the integrator if you’re the integrator find the Visionary and then the rest of the pieces will fall into place as you start structuring your company on the right departments and all of that so I would say you know I wanted to share that because I think that came through as you’re speaking of that

(16:13) but let’s go back to life Vision I think that based on my experience I don’t have experience of the future I only have visions and I only have awareness level and of course, we all have limitations so I only can see the future as big as my mind right and all the inner work that I’ve been doing with myself now when I look back to my past that’s where I can get some context around hold on how did those things that happen to me affect me how do what are the learnings that I derived from my


(16:47) personal experience for my growing up for all the people that impacted me in my life positively and negatively and how is it now I can do two things take all the positive and use it in the present to take action to help me build the vision of the future and take out all the lessons that I didn’t that I needed to learn and then use that in the positive way to help me with my decision making and my wisdom in the present moment so that I could create the lives that I want in the future and we’re always creating from the level of


(17:21) awareness right and that’s why I say that the vision that we have always expanded because the more our awareness level rises the more we start to connect the dots in our individual Journey as we take action and hopefully we take aligned action that’s another difference between just taking action for the sake of just working hard to working smart right doing the inner work so your action is aligned with you and listening to that inner voice that I really ignored for like three years before I ventured out in this journey so all


(17:53) those dots that are coming towards us it’s connected to our purpose there’s a reason why when I hear a talk I connect five things that are meaningful to my purpose and you Francois can hear the same talk and you are going to talk you’re gonna be like connect different things because you are unique you’re individual and your purpose is different from me in on this Earth and I like that you said that we all come empty-handed right we all come as an open book and then we’re writing all our chapters as


(18:22) we grow and evolve but our job as humans is just to do self-discovery and evolve so that we connect those dots towards our you know Journey very much more easily and then stay in that purpose and just listen to what are the things that are speaking to you because it’s not by chance that they are doing so so that’s kind of my perspective on how I feel that whole thing evolves and connects together interesting you talked about Clarity at the beginning of the interview that we talked about on the show you said


(18:55) Clarity is Paramount and now we’re coming to hey if we’re connecting the dots am I aligning where I want to go unless you have Clarity you’ll never know so Clarity needs to be at the beginning where are we going what is that purpose and profit that we want okay so what’s the purpose what’s the vision what are we going to do and then the prophet comes as we add value to people that’s awesome I like the connecting the dot Bob Proctor which is an amazing uh personal mentor of mine when he was alive he said something that


(19:26) only ignorance and lack of imagination is slowing people down and I’m gonna bring a new perspective to connecting the dots backward of course if I’m here and I’m looking at what am I going to do in the future I don’t know how to connect the dots because I have not been there but Bob was teaching us which I teach which is fantastic says what if you put yourself in the future and says who is the person that has achieved that Million Dollar business that million dollar net worth bank account cash


(19:58) whatever it is that you want you need to be clear on this so what does that person do how does he or she walk talk think what does that agenda look like what’s the structure around that person and from there once you start to create it from there then you’re connecting the dots backward because you’re already there and then all you need to do is go back to the beginning and then Implement those steps as on perfect that they will be your correct course correct as you go but it’s going to help you to get there


(20:25) faster because connecting the dots we can’t do it going forward but we can do it going backward and our imagination is a wonderful tool that we can use II often talk about Tesla, not Tesla the car but the Tesla original the guy with the funny goatee he would he did something that was pretty amazing uh when whenever we are faced with problems if we relax in the alpha State then our limiting beliefs are gone and then we can think more clear he would sit in the chair and have a steel ball in his hand and have a metal piece at the 


(21:00) bottom right beside the chair and you will hold it and you would relax and then visualize what it is that you wanted to do and then whenever it would fall asleep it would drop the ball Clank it would wake him up and then he would go back and do it again so he would put himself into a state that is more conducive to Creation but what he did and many  I loved the guy what he did is he was creating models in his mind and then thrown punching holes into it to find out what’s not working and doing this in his mind and so because he said


(21:35) I didn’t have any money I couldn’t build models and then waste cash on it I had to build it in my mind and try to make it as perfect as I could once it was good then I would put it out and I would get some traction much faster interesting our imagination can I don’t know how I got to this one but Tesla is fantastic and connecting the dots we can do it in our minds first and then we Implement that being said ladies and gentlemen when you do this unless you have someone like for example, Ilona to help you connect those dots you can make


(22:06) them and say okay I know what can be done but through her expertise, you can help them connect in a way that is a sure Foundation rather than a slippery one this is also something we can’t do it alone the day we think we know it allows the day we start to fall is one of my biggest sayings and I say to myself as well we always need to learn you need to learn because there’s so much actually the more we know the more realize we don’t know much cool so what gets you fired up as far as being an entrepreneur as you talk


(22:37) about the impact but what gets you fired up about being an entrepreneur yeah no I love that perspective on connecting the dots that to me is working smart that’s why I’m always very interested in my subconscious levels of awareness because the more we can unrail a lot of those things holding us back you come up with those models that only you can come up with and it makes you if we’re gonna talk about competitive in the business you know in any industry that we are operating in that right there is the way to build a personal


(23:08) brand that’s authentic because you’ve seen it in your mind and you’re the one executing it right so you’re not no competition when you’re in creating someone else yes that’s amazing what drives me France wise what I’ve learned in my journey which is why I stay so heavily in my business mind and in the business Arena of Entrepreneurship is seeing other service hard driven entrepreneurs make an impact through their work and using the channel of Entrepreneurship to do just that to first of all live a life on of purpose


(23:46) do work that is Meaningful for them and they find that that’s their purpose their impact this is why they’re here on Earth and that’s the work they’re called to do and then third of all seeing all the multiplication of how now through that they’re helping so many more people so it’s almost like you hope one and then that one helps 10 20 30.


(24:11) so the more their company grows the more impact they get to make the more I continue and grow on the journey with them as partners in the journey right so that’s really what fires me up and that’s why I love the people I attract because they all are passionate have you know they’re hard in the right place and the thing that I do for them and the Gap that I found in the marketplace especially with us hard driven people that want to serve they want to help others is the other part of how to do The Branding the 


(24:42) marketing the sales the systems and the team so they can bring in the profit side of things to sustain this impact that’s just half of the journey your purpose you figured it out you believe in it you’re doing you’re making an impact but that’s the biggest gap that not only should you be making an impact but you also should be making you know money and sales from that and then money and profit in good hands can help people reinvest in their businesses hire more team find new channels to reach more

(25:13) people to help and so on and so forth so it’s just like the gift that keeps on giving so that’s really one where my bigger vision is for the work that I do I like the fact that you talked about it’s important to have the vision but all that Vision needs to have a mold in which it is poured in order to become a physical tangible thing that can actually produce results because if it’s just fluff a great idea great vision mission statement that’s good but what’s the vehicle in which you pour it what’s

(25:45) that structure that will hold it together and then make a difference in the marketplace and I love what you said I call it the ripple effect and that’s what I like too psychic money that we get from this you go to bed at night and you said man I helped a few more people today and they called me or they sent me a text or email saying this thing is working yes that that psychic money is one that is empowering indeed and as you said like I said the impact I get by helping entrepreneurs for them to help you help more people I love it

(26:14) that’s right how do you how to become more is helping people become more as well it’s cool so what’s the biggest and this is we’re shifting gear here Elona and you’re going to be vulnerable on this one if you want but I suggest you do because you’re a powerful woman you’re making things happen and then oftentimes when we talk to entrepreneurs says how’s it going it says it’s going great but sometimes it’s not going great in the back office and we’re freaking out about and we think

(26:40) something’s wrong with us and this is the wrong place to be so what I like in this show is to get some vulnerability it says hey everybody hits a wall every now and then so can you unpack maybe one of the times that you hit a wall and you in the morning you wanted to put the blanket over your head and says I don’t want to see this day so obviously you overcame it because we’re talking now so can you explain or that little journey or maybe one or two example of this happening to Ilona yeah no I love that question because it


(27:10) is so easy to just focus on the positive and all the things that we’re doing that sometimes you give people the wrong idea that this process of involvement and growing is a mess you know it’s not messy it’s just like okay one two three go do it right no it’s definitely a process that is a messy process and I share sort of my lessons around that how I look at it now versus when I first kind of one example is at the beginning of my business where I was obviously didn’t have that Foundation didn’t have


(27:38) the awareness that I needed yes I did have a lot of professional experience I knew how to build businesses and all of that but you know me building a business model that was so small for the impact that I wanted to make but it’s because due to fear I didn’t have the people I didn’t believe in my services I didn’t have a framework I didn’t have things that at least or my imposter syndrome crept up and told me that I don’t have enough like whatever I’m offering is not enough as a value


(28:04) because I would just compare myself to everyone on there you’re 10 or you’re 5 or you’re a million right because I’m like I should be further along than I am because I do have that experience so I think comparing and Contracting sometimes of connecting the dots in the past and in the you know in the future is staying in your you know in your lane right now I’m going through a process transition myself because I’m scaling that at eight I have to restructure a lot of my business models that have


(28:34) carried me really well to this point but because now I have that awareness of the process I’m not afraid of that I just you know stay back and kind of align intuitively align where is it that I want to be and what are the right resources and people that are going to support me and this phase and stage and I would do nothing without a mentor I believe in this industry 100 there’s a lot of people here in this industry for the right reason condensing decades into years I mean that’s freaking amazing


(29:07) like the fact that you can and get someone’s experience that has that blueprint and can save you so much time you’re still gonna do your own growth and learning no Mentor can remove that from you but I’m always working with a mentor I’m always learning and growing how is it that I navigate an area that is unknown to me because I am in this phase and stage of growth and not only do I help myself through it but also I have so much more wisdom to carry for my clients because now when they go through


(29:37) it. I’m like been there done that here’s how we can navigate it I’ll give you some ideas so you stay authentic but saving them time and money and all of that and I would say time is the biggest commodity because money obviously is something that we can uh once you learn you know how to generate it but I would say yeah those would be two things that I learned around that I’m just going through that messy process myself right now but uh definitely more resilient more um on the calm path about it and


(30:09) whatever growing pains like I had to just restructure some of my team and all of that right these are just all growing pains maybe a few people that are part of my vision up until now are probably not the right people to carry me over for the next thing right so we do have to make some you know tough decisions but we have to do it obviously for the greater good and I’m always thinking that how is it that whatever is it I’m you know this decision that I’m making in the present moment how is it serving

(30:38) the good of the vision and the mission that we’re moving forward so making those decisions not out of fear but more out of faith and vision it kind of keeps me very aligned and um takes me off of like sort of you know urgency decisions of like I never choose to do the easy thing I always used to do the hard thing because I know like it will uh serve me very well later so go through those hard things but know that you’ll come in on out on the other side with more wisdom and growth and also with the best results that


(31:14) align with you you said two words that I really like you said comparing and Contracting whenever we compare ourselves to others that have been doing it for way longer than us we’re automatically contracting and when you’re contracting there’s no more flow coming into your life and you need to let this go and so the Nugget that I have from this is okay you can compare to make sure like am I totally out to lunch but not compare yourself so much that you contract and then you’re not taking action anymore


(31:44) and yourself is not there and you said Clarity you mentioned it again because of my clarity I know where I’m going I’m going to serve the greater good and that is your beacon that enables you to move forward but I love this when you’re comparing you’re Contracting stop comparing to contract compare maybe to grow but not to contract I was absolutely amazing so what’s what’s one of the things that that you learn from this you say you say you you you you to me anyways you jumped and he says oh


(32:14) from this, I gain Brazil Millions which is great but what’s the biggest lesson that you learned that enabled you to gain resilience if that makes sense as a question yeah well one is the faith that whatever’s happening whatever thing I’m trying to move forward and it’s not working to how I thought it would be working it’s just that it’s just not the right timing at this point so I’ve learned to let go of things to let things go if it’s not for me if somebody else is giving me a sign that


(32:44) this is just not the right priority for me then I will listen to that and surrender so I would say that would be the first one the other thing is focusing on the process of evolvement rather than the destination there’s no destination like whatever I’m I have right now in my physical material life was only a vision a couple of years ago and look at me I still need to grow I still need to evolve I still need to be fulfilled and my soul still needs to evolve right so I’ve learned that nothing is a destination you know


(33:17) there’s no destination it’s all a process of enjoying myself through the process of the journey so then that really helps me to stay very level-headed when I’m making again that fast decision that I think will get me the quick result right away and fall in that trap I’m not saying that obviously there are strategies there’s things said you use that could give you you know a fast result I’m always open like I’m always a process uh student a student of the process how do I make it better how do I make it faster


(33:50) also because of other people that I help but not to make that decision out of the fear-based mindset that I need to have it now so just learning to pace myself and enjoy the process that whatever’s my whatever’s mine whatever’s part of connected to my purpose will find me I mean I’m doing my part I’m taking action I’m growing every day I’m staying disciplined I’m doing what I have to do right and that’s really all I can do as a human and then let the rest of the things support my courage which is


(34:23) the universe and other things that will always support you when you have courage and you go for the gut um decisions that I find will be the best the more the ones that are going to move me further faster without even trying and I love you said at one point another nugget you drop it says never make decisions out of fear that’s the worst place to do make a decision from and it comes back to again if you have Clarity or your Clarity is going to make sense to make a decision that’s better but so many times oh it’s not working


(34:56) and we get frustrated then we make decisions those are the worst decisions you don’t make decisions out of frustration, out of fear we need to be clear-headed, and again that clarity needs to be there as a guiding light to help us know where to go I absolutely love it cool so what would you or what words of encouragement would you give to a struggling entrepreneur hmm um the first thing is get help and get support um there’s a reason why maybe the actions you’ve been taking has not created the results that you’re looking


(35:30) for I always say that this journey of Entrepreneurship as much as it’s open and Limitless and all of that there are still Frameworks there are still steps that you have to follow in order so to speak so that’s kind of what I’ve done with my work put the right steps in order for people so you don’t skip a step and then you might be you know in the wrong phasing stage of your business focusing on different priorities or a business model and you haven’t built an audience so you haven’t branded yourself

(35:59) but then obviously you want to charge higher prices and you want to build trust and you lack trust right so there’s like things that gotta work together I think that’s why most people get frustrated if you’ve never you know um if you’ve never done something before information is great but you have to find what you said a mentor that already been there done that because they have the framework they can save you so much time and they have them in order you know they’re like okay no wrong move


(36:27) right now let’s do this and let’s focus you on the right priority and that’s what unlocks your results because not only do you know you’re not getting results probably on the physical end of things but also all our hidden beliefs our old stories our old paradigms all of that stuff that’s kind of adding to that pile so I would say if you are struggling, first of all, go back to the drawing board get some clarity to spend some time with yourself meditate a little bit what is it that you you want to do and derive


(37:00) the lessons from why it hasn’t been working because even in that path that has it has not worked there’s so much great wisdom that you can use so then now you can recalibrate re-center and clarify you know what is it that you need to do and who are the right resources or the people that I need to align with value-wise as well so that I can take those baby steps again towards making more progress towards what is it that you are looking for so even if your struggling it’s great there’s great


(37:30) lessons in that I mean there are periods of time when there are a lot of things that don’t go my way but I’ve just learned to do the same process over and over go back go back to the drawing board what did I learn Okay what do I need who are the people what are the resources who are the relationships I need to build so go back and redo it over and over and put enough action you’ll break through don’t worry so far I like the advice that you give at the beginning says get help and get support we can’t


(38:02) do it alone and it’s something that is so Paramount time is something that is not a non-renewable asset that we have and therefore we need to spend it wisely and getting help and getting support I always say that through our eyes actually this morning I had a client and I helped them with Clarity in his business and then I do sales and mindset and he has this other person that does marketing I don’t do marketing and so he’s telling me I’m confused with this and that that says well did


(38:30) you have if there’s a process well there are so many things I have to do it says is there a process as funny you ask it says just before we got together this morning he sent me an email says this is the process to make it step by step I go duh and then the lesson from this was again get help get support if you’re unsure pick up the phone ask people is this the way it is should it be done differently and then when you ask questions that says the worst questions are the ones you don’t ask these are the dumbest


(38:59) questions the ones that you ask get answers because every problem has a solution because there’s an up there’s a down there’s a light there’s a Darkness there’s an inside there’s outside so if there’s a problem there’s a solution if you don’t know it ask someone that does so getting help getting support is Paramount I have coaches myself you can’t do it alone it’s it’s Paramount I love it good so what would be just switching gear do you have a special MVP which is Mission, Vision, passion formula


(39:27) that you can share with the audience and I think it’s got to do with the book that you’re talking about or even the title of today right connecting yeah yeah and that’s where it all starts and I love that you shared that about getting support because I also vision cast for my clients and my communities and everyone I think if people don’t understand how is that action that they’re taking in their business fitting to the bigger thing that they want to create it’s so easy to get overwhelmed because you don’t see


(39:57) that you don’t see why you have to do it you don’t even see how that connects you know to the bigger thing because what I find is people who do the work people will be very happy and fulfilled even though they don’t get you to know tangible results yet in the business if they’re working on the right priorities because that’s the process of evolvement they know they’re working towards a greater good right and that was me many years even in my corporate career my personal Journey if I don’t understand what I’m


(40:24) working towards forget it I’m not taking action and I’m the biggest action taker but I think that’s the missing piece between you know maybe other people in the market trying to teach tactics do that well maybe try that strategy maybe try that like you know to see what sticks that’s the problem right so people have to understand back to connect to their Vision what is it they’re trying to do and that’s exactly the beginning process with me as well with anyone that comes my way discovering their personal values which


(40:56) will become their company values because I only stay with service providers and I know that this area very well so your personal values will become your company value so let’s discover those core values first of all and then let’s work on that vision and Mission that you are there to do in the world and then all the dots that we’re going to connect together it’s all supposed to help and align you with that bigger vision and Mission and I find that once people have that awareness and clarity all the


(41:26) day-to-day you know growth Growing Pains of maybe doing a live video or doing a live interview like this right depending on their level of experience of skill because I think everything is a learnable skill right there’s Talent great once you discover your talent you still gotta evolve it right and develop it but skills we can learn any skill scale any age any industry any of that because I study Neuroscience I know that for sure we can always learn any skill but I think the missing piece for a lot of especially online


(41:57) entrepreneurs is so easy low-buried entry you start a business they’re missing all these bigger things and that’s why they’re frustrated and now they become a copycat of another business and brand and of course, that’s why you’re not seen or heard and you’re not getting the traction that you are looking for so I would say discover your personal values uh vision and Mission and start to become you know innerly aligned make sure that that is really what you are creating piece by piece and


(42:28) you’re not getting your society’s blueprint you’re not getting someone else that you see blueprint it’s your own you like recreating your own life so to speak and then your business just becomes the mission and the way that I make money out of it and also you make an impact out of it I love it that’s cool that’s it and again back to Clarity it’s what you’re doing is an extension of you not a copy of someone else glass ceiling you’re limited if it’s an extension of


(42:58) you then can grow and grow in as much as you continue to grow yourself cool what’s next on your to-do list any professional projects or plans in the future so with uh things that are aligning with me right I mean I have my other book I’m working towards um building a massive Community I’m always focusing on impact you know building relationships speaking is something that I’m being called to and it’s probably something that I’m doing I’m gonna be doing moving forward much better and that’s why I’m creating a lot


(43:29) of structure and systems around me so I remove myself from some of the things that you know where I was needed at that point that I was in um so that’s kind of you know I have impact goals that I am always you know uh focused and very disciplined around but yeah that’s more speaking more you know writing a more high-level consultancy making a bigger impact with more with companies that are at different levels of sales and impact and really you know doing what I was born to do once you discover it it’s hard to shy


(44:02) away from that it just becomes who you are yeah even through my company which is called The Life School is that we’re always lifelong learn Learners and once you learn something about you you cannot understand it so then you just sometimes it’s the leadership responsibility of knowing I’m like oh my gosh now I have to actually do all of the stuff so in some ways you know it might feel like a lot of responsibility on your shoulders The More You Learn and Grow but it depends on the way that you look at it and


(44:36) you’re just like okay now I get to be more and do more so there’s always evolvement um it will always be part of my journey because one of my personal values is growth and I just found entrepreneurship as a channel to always grow so always changing always evolving so we said and just for fun if you had a superpower what would it be and do you remember what you wrote down if I have a superpower it would be to heal you said what is it to heal people is what you wrote to heal people yeah and I wrote


(45:18) that at that point in time intuitively so to just really help them uncover their Limitless potential and work with people um so that they can have a holistic um approach to life not only one area but really understand how to line all these different things with their purpose and how to discover that and every stage of the phase of life to never stop to learn and grow so they can in this at least in this physical uh you know earth right as long as physically we’re here because I believe there’s life after and spiritual

(45:54) and all of that but you know use this physical body that we are you know \ handed out to really grow and evolve and take a lot of people with you make a positive impact you know affect people globally in other communities and just yeah keep at it but healing people I think healing them through the limitless potential they have that’s kind of where my take with that is or you know finding their purpose and always reigniting what that purpose is as they grow and evolve perfectly I like the fact you said holistic approach I’m


(46:30) a gold medal Canadian champion in Taekwondo and one of the things that we always the master used to say is Body Mind Spirit there are three things it’s a three-legged stool if you’re only on two legs and you’re still you’re going to fall on one leg there’s no stability so there needs to be more stability in that holistic approach that you talked about Body Mind and Spirit they exist and we need to take care of it you can have all the money in the world and if you’re out of shape and you can and you’re sick all


(46:56) the time like how are you going to enjoy this and if you have no spirituality then you win the world for what it’s there need to be things and I like the word holistic that you use that encompasses that in a very good way cool so if people were to want to get a hold of you is the website that you have someplace that would be good for them such as right here ElonaLoparicoaching.com


(47:25) is the Hub they’ll find they’ll find all my stuff there so that’s where they can go there’s a free Master Class where I put together my framework in helping them grow Legacy business um so they’re more uh they’re more than welcome Master Class to help them understand the structure of what you do that’s awesome and that’s available on your website for everybody so everybody listening you know sorry alone I have a heart attack ElonaLoparicoaching.com and going there it’s on the


(48:00) the screen right now and it’ll be in the description as well so go from there you can get access to some information from you that uh webinar class that you have or seminar that’s available for people to find out more about you and then through there they can connect with you and I’m sure to get some a pulse of what it is my favorite thing is people say what can what do you do for me and I always says prescription without analysis is malpractice we need to talk I and that’s what it is for you as well now you need


(48:33) to find out if there are some things that resonate with Elona or myself pick up the phone do something reach out and find out because you don’t know what you don’t know and someone else can help you out so I really appreciate it any last words of wisdom that you’d like to drop before we leave yeah an alignment is key for me too at this phase and Stage that I’m in aligning people with you know the right opportunities and even with the work we do I’m always working around quality and not quantity so I think it’s important


(49:03) to do that but final words you know understand that there’s a purpose there’s a reason why we are born and discovering that is your first step towards living a life of fulfillment making an impact in the world and waking up every day with no alarm clock with no need to be motivated externally all this mumbo jumbo that we thought we needed because that purpose will pull you like a magnet I love it the greatest it’s like you’re going towards it intuitively so align all these things it’s like a


(49:41) house reorganize your home you know we’re talking about that Francois before house stuff how much junk sometimes we accumulate right so clear the house discover your values discover your you know get some clarity around that and then once you have that do take that next step and just stay faithful to the process and just keep taking the next steps have a lot of patience for yourself and the journey a lot of compassion and just trust that every step you are taking is just making you better and leading you to the next right


(50:11) the thing for you that is connected and aligned with your individual personal Journey as well I love it thank you so much this is great and it comes down to one of the things that I say is Bob Proctor I’m sure you got it from someone else but he says there are two important times in your life the day you’re born and the day you find out why and once you find out why then you become Unstoppable and this is great and I like to end the show always saying the same thing stop tiptoeing through life, everybody


(50:39) listening right now there’s a message inside of you don’t die with your song Still inside of you get it out if you don’t know how to get some help get some support someone has a problem and only you can solve it so don’t be quietly spread it out make people know that you exist and you can solve it it’s your duty find it and make it happen God bless everybody thank you, Elona, for coming here today and sharing some of your wisdom and until next time everybody make it a great day thank you so much.


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