5 Powerful Tips to Transform Your Mindset for a Happier Life

This blog post dives into 4 key strategies, applicable to both external communication (with others) and internal communication (your inner voice),
that will significantly elevate your communication skills.

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(00:01) yeah hello everybody and welcome to the How to Become More podcast for your mission, vision and passion to get you excited and empowered to share your message with the world and today we have Justin Keltner as a guest awesome person I’m going to talk about an interesting twitch on email marketing and talks about Consciousness and we’re going to dive more into this in a little while Justin thank you for coming and welcome aboard I think that maybe your mic is oh there you go ah perfect so how are you today


(00:35) doing fantastic thank you so much for having me here friends it’s my pleasure here and tell us a lot of people on the try me are heart-centered service driven and digital Nomad or maybe being from some exotic places in the world is a desire to many of them so where are you coming to us from today so that’s a very it’s a very good question because I’m currently I was born and raised in the Bay Area in California I’m currently residing in Guadalajara Mexico I’ve been living in Latin America about the last five years


(01:07) as a digital Nomad and sometimes a digital not so Nomad and I actually just recently made the decision to head on over to the beach here so in about the next three weeks it looks like I may be living on the coast of the Pacific coast of Mexico in Oaxaca. These are nice places that are a goal of mine also have six kids two left at the house once they’re gone we’re selling everything and going to the beach as well so we’re anticipating this time as well that’s awesome cool great


(01:43) plan Justin tell us a little bit about yourself maybe uh personally and professionally you told us where you live now but you know where you’re from what are your passion and one of the things that you mentioned is you are an email scientist and so can you expand on this I love this terminology that brings about pictures in our mind that sometimes might be nebulous but activate our curiosity and we want to know more so expand on this if you may want an email a scientist absolutely so I’ll explain the 


(02:15) surface level kind of the definition and then kind of go deeper into how I got there um they call me the email scientist today because I work with high-impact coaches and consultants and help them figure out really how to use email marketing and in a lot of ways other streams of marketing as well to deliver their message in a more powerful and also a more conscious way in order to make an impact with a larger audience and to really be in more powerful conversations with their existing audience with their existing


(02:50) list and really amplify their message and to amplify what they’re doing online because as you know friends watch so easy to just get caught in that sea of sameness and also to really get disconnected from your true purpose and what you’re really trying to do in the world and people come to me and they say you know what our email deliverability is a mess right now we need to be able to get into more inboxes they tell me things like that people aren’t responding people aren’t engaging and sometimes there are really easy tech fixes


(03:19) and that’s where the science comes in because we do experiments we have sent millions of emails to the different clients that we’ve worked with but as much as this is a science it’s also an art and I think that a big part of the art of the email scientist, if you will, is really understanding what actually matters to people underneath the surface and that’s where this approach like the conscious marketing which is what we picked kind of as a title of the show that’s where that really comes into play because it’s very


(03:50) important to Market consciously and Market in a way that resonates with your audience that’s not just the same as everything else and it really shows them why you care and that in effect helps them understand why you’re the person that they should work with I like it because likewise heart-centered service driven entrepreneurs are the audience that we’re talking about and you’re hitting the nail right on the head that although there are some mechanics involved with email marketing it’s the content of it the why the juice


(04:25) the thing that energizes you that is transpired through those emails that really make the impact that you’re looking to make I love it and it’s science and art which is in many ways that one of the things I do as well it’s if it’s all science it gets to be boring if it’s all Arts then maybe it lacks traction so the combination of the two enables have that traction that builds momentum and then for exponential growth absolutely you can’t have one without the other they’re both it’s the


(04:54) ying and the Yang there they’re these different parts of this uh not to get super woo but like this holistic energy that I see around marketing and around business and honestly it it spills into everything right and thanks for bringing this up I like to say that there’s and it’s not I think I believe in that as well I believe that there’s two ores that on a boat and if you’re only doing the technical well you’re just using one or so therefore either you’re moving but


(05:20) you’re going in circles and you need to have two that are in Harmony and that spiritual aspect or that why aspect or that Divine aspect or that Universe aspect whatever people want to call it but it’s something different than the tangible that we can touch but something that we can feel and that feeling transpires in a way that when the two ores are in harmony we can go into a better Direction and that’s why so many people fail they go and see the gurus of email marketing as just technique technique technique and it’s not


(05:47) happening actually I’ll tell you a story which is I didn’t expect to go that way it’s pretty cool where with uh um Bob Proctor bless his soul he passed now um um we used to meet with him regularly and this girl comes on stage and she’s from uh not England uh German Germany and Katrina her name and she says oh I just sent email with love and and and people feel my love and it was what are you talking about aren’t you supposed to send so many emails she goes no no it’s the feeling I get so someone comes up

(06:22) and says I’m sending emails and all I’m getting is bottom of the wrong people that are not happy and it’s not happening this anesh goes well that’s your fault and he goes what they go yeah it says you don’t believe that you’re going to touch people’s lives therefore you’re not touching their lives you don’t have your real why all you want is get get start giving and she said she gave him an exam an exercise to do to send his email with more of his intention of helping others


(06:51) and she says don’t change any words in the email just the way that you send them did that two days later you come back he had two clients paying in full and he says what just happened and she said it’s not just mechanics so everybody even though Justin he says hey I don’t want to get the people that don’t get this other people are going to struggle and so Justin you’re the person that puts the pendulum back to the time and you set the time straight and says guys we need to have a combination of


(07:20) both that’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed this conversation that we’re starting having and I have more and more together I love it so that’s brilliant I’ll expand on that a little bit yes absolutely so I’ll give you a couple examples actually just just because we’re on that topic now and you’re mentioning email and getting getting into the nitty-gritty of that uh I had a recent client that I worked with maybe she’s actually on here but but she’s a coach and she helps people get more referrals in their


(07:47) business uh build their networks basically build this this core tribe of people that that are going to refer business to you and vice versa and that are going to support you in your journey and one of the things that we supported her in doing like we were able to come in and definitely help her get her open rates and her click the rates up and everything else um and that was great and it turned her business around in a big way but one of the things that we did recently with her which was almost even more important is


(08:13) I said you know what what are you really challenged with right now like what what’s what’s the true story behind like what’s what’s coming up what’s what’s bringing you to your Edge and she said you know Justin um the challenge for me is like I don’t I don’t know how to how to like effectively create content that’s really going to engage with my audience I said you know what screw it like do that and also be honest about the true story behind it and say and if like like create content let’s do a challenge


(08:41) for for just for you and enroll your audience into the vision of of that challenge around content with your email and she shared the story about how she had like a recent essentially near-death experience and and a lot of trauma around that with with her list publicly and she says you know I I almost died this happened this is how it changed my vision what I really want to do is is contribute and it wasn’t something where like we scripted it out I’m just like hey let’s let’s flow um and she told me and we wrote the


(09:09) email together on a call she sent that out and within 10 minutes of us sending that email to her list she had 10 people actually not just click reply to her email and another to the called her and another two that like texted her within like within 15 minutes 20 minutes of sending this thing out uh just by by being vulnerable by tapping into her story and her truth and then she did the the content and the challenge and her click the rights went through the roof they went up to like 20 30 to all these all these pieces of


(09:39) content that she was sending out so it just goes to show that it’s the intention behind it then when you step into that intention like why am I really in business in the first place you know okay it’s it’s to motivate and inspire people so start doing that it’s not about the corporate speak the the staying in the box trying to be perfect trying to like like hit certain points because you’re just gonna look like everyone else yes um and yes sometimes Nike can can get away with that or whatever other company


(10:08) and sometimes they try to try to appease the the corporate gods or the the special interests or these these groups or whoever and and it ends up completely blowing back up in their face yes yeah like companies that have lost not going to name any names but but million I mean hundreds of millions or billions and and Market Capital because the uh market cap because they they did something just for the sake of like doing the right thing or trying to appease certain people it’s about being yourself it’s about being true to who


(10:38) you are it’s about being authentic um and when you when you start there when you start from that place that’s when possibilities really open up that’s that’s what I’ve seen in my experience that’s awesome I love it no indeed opportunities open up when you open up a staff for a concept life is a reflection of us if we open up it opens up and if we want to be static and all crumb double that’s the response that we get so that’s cool one thing that as we were talking before and I read the uh the


(11:08) survey that you filled out and I want to touch on I think it’s sometimes overlooked I’m I have two computers here and I’m looking at one one of them I think I got 47 tabs open I got social media this this and that and please enlighten each and every one of us to the fact that the email list is the only thing that you own can you can you elaborate on this so people can have an aha moment on this right here rain I’m not saying that social media is not good to gather but can you can you lead us and then I’ll ask maybe other questions


(11:41) after but I’m sure that you have some introspection on this that’s an amazing question and I and I do have some of those emotional support tabs as well occasionally I close them for this call because I I didn’t want my computer just to totally light on fire but but I get the emotional support tab thing uh and you know people are and here’s the thing like we we try to divert our attention so much right between Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin and Pinterest and Reddit and all these other places and


(12:09) um so I think one uh one thing to be said about that is that in your business it’s important to be a producer as an entrepreneur not just a consumer of social media you want to be the person actually creating the content and inspiring people not just sitting there scrolling Instagram I’ve had those days where I’ve spent two two hours doing that and you don’t accomplish anything from it so it’s it’s with social media it’s about intentionality now bringing that to email marketing there are so many companies that I’ve


(12:41) seen some some of them that have been clients of mine or others that have been friends others that I’ve just seen where they say one wrong thing and then they get banned from a platform or just outright canceled because the powers that be decided it they’re screwed they have nothing they got to rebuild everything from scratch so social media is a great way to get attention but guess what you don’t own it yes the only thing that you really own is your email list now you can I’m saying email list because there’s other


(13:12) things that you can add to that right like your email with your customer list right you might have phone numbers which is also a great strategy address I have yeah you might have uh physical mailing addresses that shouldn’t be overlooked Direct Mail is awesome it’s very very underrated now unless you have those things though like unless you’re building that that list that email list you’re at risk at any moment of being canceled being de-platformed uh the algorithms just deciding that your content isn’t worth it anymore or what


(13:39) what’s happened even more frequently to almost everyone this happened on Facebook early on like in the first few years of like Facebook really taking off it used to be that a page would just get organic reach and you could have people that were followers you’re like oh yeah I own those followers I have organic reach and then a couple years later Facebook said nah uh we’re not making any money off this so guess what if you don’t boost a post nobody will see it and you know what LinkedIn same thing


(14:02) you could get a ton of organic reach from your LinkedIn profile uh and recently they’ve been making changes to the algorithm where you still can but now it’s becoming a more pay-to-play model too and they can charge whatever they want so if you’re not using some type of lead magnet some type of offer a free offer where you can bring people in and get them on your list in exchange for their contact details you’re really missing out and you’re setting yourself up for a really really really hard time


(14:36) down the line you want to create Awakening a rude awakening yeah you want to create a list you want to create your own owned media because that’s that’s the thing that really fuels your business moving forward is having that list of people who can communicate with yeah so you can fish in those ponds but you need to get them out of there into your own so you own it last year I remember I can’t remember the time exactly but Facebook went down for a day people were freaking out says that’s it I can’t communicate with people no more


(15:03) but if you had an email list actually emails emails opening rates went way up when that happened uh what a concept that you know that Rue the weakening that we’re talking about can exist we’re not saying that it will or it’s just that let’s be wise about it and that’s why we have podcasts like this to enable people to say hmm hold on a second maybe I do have I don’t know three five thousand people on on LinkedIn but I don’t have no contact information besides LinkedIn if it goes or I go then


(15:33) it’s done so now some understanding and so and Justin is the man to actually get a hold of them we’ll talk about this later if you need to make that transposition and enable you to stabilize your business you can grow exponentially because it’s something that is not going away people says emails that email is not done you and I both know and everybody listening so email’s done no it’s not we will we open our email every day and so we do it and so but it’s the eyeballs are yours because you did the work to do it and


(16:03) that’s another thing you says get some lead magnets ladies and gentlemen lead magnets is not just a frivolous piece of paper saying hey give me your name and exchange you need to add value to people you’re starting a relationship with people make sure that you add value to them in a proper way and by adding value then you build Authority by having no like and Trust Justin I can believe it I’m on this this online networking event and and they’re saying oh you can’t pitch people you know let’s build


(16:34) relationships and now so I I waited for a while then I went back and this week they’re saying okay the first question I’m gonna ask people is what’s the favorite color of your shoes I go you got to be kidding me they have scared so much the other way of trying to build relationships and now you’re going to futile things that are not good to anybody and my answer to this and I don’t know let’s let’s talk about my answer to this is building relationships with people add value to their lives


(17:03) you’re going to see how much relationship you build fast if you’re someone as valuable people want you they know like and trust you because what you bring to the table is valuable and then someone said what’s one of the frivolous events that happened in your life in your Youth and then people share that and I was sharing that with someone else and he said could you imagine that let’s say Justin I don’t know you fell uh somewhere when you were a kid and then all I know is that oh Justin fell


(17:30) somewhere and was a kid what is what does that do to build a relationship and it’s it has swung so much the other way that now we need to bring bring the reality back we’re online yes to add value but adding value to people means that you earn some income and and knowing my favorite color your shoes is is not going to help you let’s add value in the proper way and how can email add that value that we’re talking about so to throw back in your court yeah expertise that you have so it’s almost a loaded question right like


(18:05) saying how can email do this or how can email do that it I’ll be honest I’m the email marketing guy like that’s what people know me as but it’s not about email here’s here’s the secret Francois here’s here’s the real secret yeah we go email is just another medium to have a conversation with the real person on the other side of the screen nice uh it’s it’s just about so this is in fact this is one of the things that I see that’s literally the most common thing that takes people out of the game


(18:37) and that really that really destroys like the potential to to make the real difference that you want to make it’s saying okay I have a list I have this obligation to mail my list I have an obligation to mail on on behalf of other people because we’re doing all these JVS we’re doing doing all these other things Partnerships are great if they’re aligned right people disconnect too much from their email list and from their social media audience sometimes too but like email it’s a very big thing because it’s so easy it’s it’s


(19:10) like just words on a screen and you hit a button and you’re like okay great we’re shouting this message out to 50 or 100 000 people like like some of my clients you know these huge lists and it’s like no every time you write an email you want to write that email for one person nice you want to say okay you know this is Bill he’s on the other side of the screen these are the frustrations the pain the challenges the Ambitions the goals this is what his life is like and here’s here’s the vow you’re talking


(19:41) about value well how can I provide value to someone if I’m not truly connected to what they want to do or what they want to have in their life or who they want to be so email is just it’s it’s kind of like money right people say okay I’ll have a lot of money then I’m gonna be a good person or people that have a lot of money are are bad people no money is a multiplier it’s a force multiplier and that’s what having a list is it’s a force multiplier of communication that’s really the equation I see so if


(20:11) and even this this comes back to email deliverability because that’s something that I help big name coaches with a lot they have big lists things aren’t going through ten percent of it is the technology and the stuff that I can do to to make things get into the inbox better but ninety percent of it is the stuff that I help them do and that’s mostly increasing their awareness for what is really going on in the relationship that they’re creating with that person on the other side of the screen so it’s just a


(20:40) force multiplier and uh like they say in I.T right garbage and garbage out if if you have a message that sucks and you send that out to a hundred thousand people you’re gonna have a hundred thousand people that I mean whatever percentage of those people that open your email are gonna be like I know about this guy like what’s going on but if you have a message that’s really really good then that message amplifies uh your ability to to deliver value so that’s what I try to help my clients with um and and my students as well everybody


(21:14) that works with being like a coaching capacity we look at what is it that you’re really trying to do in this world again at the risk of sounding like too out there right like but but really like what is your mission because if you don’t know your mission if you don’t know what you’re you stand for and you’re just like this is all about money I want to make money um it’s it’s very difficult to lead from that place and it’s kind of like true change or or to even make money that’s


(21:37) the irony is the more you focus on the money the less the money comes but the more you focus on your vision and then and then when you get clear on that then you can use email then you can use social media then you can use paid traffic then you can use text messaging to amplify that but it’s it’s really getting to the core first of who it is that you really want to serve and how you’re going to do that and sometimes coaches that have been in business Consultants that have been in business for a decade uh and you know they think


(22:02) that they have these things figured out and and really they’ve disconnected from their business that they’ve they’ve kind of like started phoning in and that’s that’s even bigger than not because at least when you know hey I’m not clear on who I serve I’m not clear on my offering I’m not clear on my vision at least when you know that it’s like at least I know that I don’t know something but when you’ve been on autopilot for years and years and years and maybe decades in


(22:26) business and you’re stagnating and you’re in that energy of oh I just kind of going all right that’s where the real risk is yeah very important yeah exactly it’s very important that they connect uh to their heart center and say all right what’s what’s really going on like what am I really passionate about and then reignite that that passion that you just talked about is once you live from there you’re not working anymore you’re just living your passion you’re not working you’re not going against the


(22:55) Green you’re not trying to please this box that you need to fit in but it’s rather you that’s speaking and then it becomes authentic and authenticity doesn’t take as much energy as trying to figure things out and you mentioned you you drop so many nuggets in here another one says it’s uh email is just another medium let’s add it’s an it’s a medium that you own it’s yours and so if we have like for example this is Springtime here I have an acre of land around the house and we had to do last Saturday


(23:23) lots of work on it I need to cultivate it and otherwise it goes to the boonies it doesn’t work same with your email list you need to cultivate you need to take care of it you need to prune it you need to add value nutrients water and and trim it and make sure that it’s it’s alive and it can benefit from the Sun and the rain and so these things are metaphor but to say that that list you need to take care of it and one of the things that I’m a high energy guy you’re low-key and which is great and it brought me to the the


(23:57) thought of sometimes people are chasing things so much that they’re not seeing what’s going on and so everybody that was listening so far and I want you as you continue listening to this episode today I’m pausing for a purpose I say what’s he gonna say think about what Justin is going to say next he is very paused he thinks about what he says and for those of you that are on video sometimes he looks up and to make sure that he composes his thoughts to craft a message that will resonate with each and every one of you do that as


(24:34) well everybody listening slow down you want to speed up slow down and when you slow down you can see things more if you’re on the highway and you’re going really fast like I ride motorcycles really fast and go on the side but when you slow you don’t see the but when you slow down then you can start to oh look at these things that are here and that’s what can be done as well so it’s a digression but nevertheless it’s something that’s important coming back to the intangible that we spoke about


(25:02) before it’s good to have the structure the mechanics yes but that intangible is so important for traction I absolutely love it cool there’s a lot of there’s a lot of things you mentioned there I want to unpack a couple absolutely yes I love it just working backwards so you were you were talking about a lot of the intangibles and slowing down so I’m a very uh like left-brained logical analytical like I’m a recovering software engineer I used to build programs yeah like that’s that’s my background I


(25:33) I actually built my first website at age five and a half and frankly with with everything that was going on in my childhood it was a lot easier for me to to create relationships with computers with robots than with people which is a whole other story maybe we can get into that a little bit but um I I started really understanding and analyzing and I I looked at the world always through this like intellectual lens So when you say okay sometimes it’s just just we just have to slow down immediately in the like let’s say the


(26:03) five to ten year ago version of Justin would say all right well what what the hell does that really mean and I’ll share my my answer to that now um for people that really want like The Logical step-by-step thing number one is breathe like we we underestimate the importance of our breath and most people just literally do not properly breathe or breathe fully like breathe into your stomach and then into your chest and like allow the breath to actually fill your body and do that 20 30 50 times a day slowly and that will reset things for


(26:38) you that will allow you to slow down because you’re right that’s one of the most important things is slowing down to speed up how do you really take in the world around you you stop and you breathe another thing that’s really really really big is gratitude so every morning I I try sometimes I’m not a hundred percent about this but I try to spend at least 10 minutes thinking and writing about the things that I’m grateful for because even if everything isn’t perfect I mean look I I’m so grateful for just


(27:07) having all of the the it’s not even the things because the things can can be lost can be bought can be sold money can be lost um but it’s about having the freedom and the experiences so like being able to say you know what in two weeks I’m gonna pack up sell everything and go and move to the beach because I’m feeling called there most people in the world like literally cannot say that I don’t want to say they can’t do it because most likely if you’re listening to this you probably could uh do something like that


(27:33) but it’s there’s a whole other set of fears and concerns and whatever that comes up which is understandable uh but I’m so grateful for just having the freedoms that I that I do and so breathing is Big gratitude is big and then journaling is another one that helps me slow down because um and I I learned this and big part from a book called The Artist sway by Julia Cameron and she talks about this this concept of morning Pages where every single day long hand you write out three pages of just a stream of

(28:00) Consciousness here’s what’s what’s coming up you do those three things you’re gonna start to really Pace your mind for there you go for the world that’s that’s outside of of you and you’re going to start to observe things that you didn’t see before and it’s going to start to give you insights in business that you may not have had before no the other thing that I I really caught on to in in your last part there was about the different seasons you’re talking about seasonality it’s


(28:26) like and this is now this relates to life and it also relates to business but I’m going to talk specifically in the context of email one of the best reasons you want to have those types of owned media those types of customer lists that you can that you can Market to is some days like your Facebook ads will just be totally crushing it you’re going to get a lot of a lot of sinus for your courses you’re gonna have Partners promoting for your stuff you know you’re going to be doing having five six figure months and


(28:54) things will be great and then other times maybe you won’t have so much traffic coming in or or a platform will shut you down or you’ll have issues or whatever guess what now now that you’re in that in that winter or that fall season you have your list so you can actually use that to spring back and be able to to now reap the the rewards from from you actually saving up in the in the form of that that capital in your business that list that’s another reason it’s so important um because you’re able to weather the


(29:27) storm with with different types of seasonality uh that’s that’s huge for for coaches and consultants in any kind of business owner it is indeed I love it and you mentioned that uh you said breathe you and I are both Wim Hof enthusiasts and actually I report that this morning I was 2 and 35 two minutes 35 for some of the bread so I’m getting back up here this is awesome and so and also you mentioned gratitude every morning I’m just showing my I have a digital it’s remarkable it’s it’s


(29:58) amazing and so every day I write things that I’m grateful for and if I may Justin to your credit when I said that your you pause and you think I’m very high energy whenever I do my gratitude whenever you write a sentence of the things that you’re grateful for after you write it pause feel it take the time to get the life out of what you’ve just wrote you’re grad you’re grateful about something well breathe it in and as you do this as you said it changes perspective you start to now see things that you didn’t see


(30:34) before because you’re transformed into someone that’s better more holistic more the perception your awareness has increased and let’s face it everything’s about awareness well we don’t know can and will hurt us so let’s increase our awareness so we can be better equipped not only to deal with it but to help others along the way so that I like the fact that you talk about breathing and gratitude it’s it’s awesome cool so now let’s shift gear here a little bit about something that I like to to talk


(31:06) about on this show and it’s a trademark is Justin you’re successful you’re helping people you said 50 100 000 email lists like this is huge but sometimes or what is the biggest challenge that Justin ever faced it could be one it could be two you can digress in which way you want but the important thing here is what is it that at one point you said man in the morning you want to put the the blankets over your your head and it says I’m not getting up today I’m sick and tired of this thing and the


(31:38) reason I’m asking this is for vulnerability that all of us entrepreneur we want it to go good but sometimes it doesn’t but this not the end so can you tell us about an example of something like this that happened to you where and I was the biggest challenge that you felt that you faced in your professional life well listen I mean I I could go into how multiple bankruptcies affected me and my business and my mental health and how at one point I was suicidal and lost literally everything including all my


(32:07) clients and had to move back in with my mom at 21 and all of that and that’s that’s certainly a whole story and I’ve shared that briefly in other places but in the interest of like real transparency that feeling that you mentioned you know where everybody says okay everything’s fine let’s put on a smile um you know everything’s gonna be okay that the feeling you mentioned of like I don’t want to get out of bed today I’m just going to put the covers over my head and go back to sleep


(32:37) I deal with that probably [Music] I want to say on average at least once or twice a week where things are so no I mean just just being like totally right that’s okay and that’s great and it not not always but like recently oh this has been this has been a crazy few months because there have been so many things that I’ve been just completely blowing up and rebuilding from scratch and blowing up and rebuilding from scratch that sometimes it’s very difficult to lose sight of where you’re going when you’re


(33:05) being spun around so much and I know that it’s all for the greater good but in the moment I’ve had in the last few months a few months at least 10 maybe 15 of those days where I wake up and I’m like what am I doing why do I have 12 Zoom calls today what what am I doing um I don’t want to say on on these interviews because this is a lot of fun for me I mean if I could do this all day I mean I’m in because I love sharing my story and I love having conversations and like going deep but all those other


(33:35) calls that great you know we’re doing Partnerships and we’re doing this thing and we’ve got clients that we have to serve and and sometimes it gets so overwhelming where yeah I just say you know what I want to go back to bed um it happens a lot it’s not just a you know what was this one event thing it’s for me and I’ve struggled with with um you know with depression like very serious depression I I was medicated for a couple years for for depression for anxiety and for sleep and that was like


(34:06) I mean that in and of itself was probably one of the hardest things that I’ve had to overcome because not only was it dealing with like let’s say that that medicine and how it affected me and then realizing okay great this is not the path and then deciding okay I’m gonna get off of this and then the year of withdrawal after that and like all the all the feelings and the emotions that are associated with that that was rough but it’s not any of those events that is really the most difficult it’s actually


(34:33) waking up every day and having those feelings of screw this I’m out I don’t even want to get out of bed I’m going to cancel all my meetings the number of times that I’ve actually done that and actually cancel the meetings ever maybe twice and that was because I was like either like really really there and I’m just like I need to take it a day and that’s that’s okay of course but more than once it’s it’s okay maybe that maybe twice I don’t know maybe three times in ever


(35:03) because I I do my best to be my word even when I’m not feeling it um but those have been days where I’m like either so sick or so overall and I don’t really get sick anymore I mean since I’ve started um really diving in and and connecting with with Source like connecting to my to myself connecting to others eating healthy exercise like I get a cold maybe once every three four months maybe less I don’t know but but there have been those days where I’ve Been Just So Gone I I could not show up


(35:33) and and yeah sometimes it is just letting it go in in still giving yourself a Pat in the back for showing up and trying it’s okay it’s okay to let people down it’s okay to say no uh it’s okay to to take a a sick day to take a mental health day as an entrepreneur we never take real vacations I’m still like maybe there was one time in the last 10 years where I’ve taken a real vacation and basically not worked at all and that was when I went with a girlfriend at the time of mine to St Martin for about it was around 10 days


(36:09) and the internet was almost non-existent anyway so that was a good excuse but that was one time where I like truly truly truly disconnected and it was amazing but most of the other vacations I’ve taken I’m I’m working at least half the time uh and so it’s it’s okay to to just say you know what I need to disconnect I I give myself permission to work on me to focus on me to take time for my mental health um this goes back to to to a saying and I don’t remember the exact words but something to the effect of like if you


(36:42) can’t serve and can’t be there for yourself like how can you possibly be there for other people you need you need to focus on you and and really make sure that you’re okay before you can be the best version of of yourself I love it I’ll show a little something I do this once a month I have two cans here one that’s empty and one that’s full and the one that’s empty with two fingers it’s done two fingers is done the other one two hands and I can’t even do anything about it moral of the story


(37:16) if you’re empty anything will crush you and if you’re full even strong pressure will not affect you so it goes again for that intangible it’s from within if your emotional bank account is empty you’re going to be crushed you can’t serve others that’s one of the things that works so much with my clients it says hey I’m empty and I love the fact that you said it’s okay to take a day off it’s okay you need to replenish yourself you can’t give what you don’t got so therefore you need to

(37:46) fill it up and then it’s just a matter after that to be more intentional as to when you do your daily fill ups when you do that you never come to a point where you’re easily crushed because you’ve taken care of it but it’s it’s again that tangible and intangible that is so powerful I love it and we all have challenges like this but how did you overcome it to me one of the solutions and and I everybody knows I broadcast this a lot the day you think you know at all is the day you start to fall we need


(38:17) others so we need to have others around us so if it’s not going well let’s reach out to someone a coach a mentor someone that can help us to overcome the challenge that we’re facing and once we do that they give us tools to shortcut that time because it’s okay to feel tired and empty but not for a week not for a month there’s a problem and so you need to have someone to help you get back on track because let’s face it although and if people come to me and money money money is all they want I go


(38:47) away from it but let’s face it money is important if you have no money and you have no place to live you have nothing to eat no water and if you have kids you can’t take care of them well then you are a big problem so you need to step up to the plate and become responsible for the things that you do but it cannot be the only reason that you’re doing things so it’s a it’s a it’s a great uh and and I’m saying it’s a great thing and I’m just thinking that in three weeks or three months you said that you’re going


(39:11) to live right by the beach and this is very important by Design it’s by choice and by Design and everybody listening right now and saying hey maybe oh he’s so lucky no he’s not he made a decision and by making the decision then he’s taken action and Justin is going to make it a reality and this is awesome and he can be for each and every one of us so I mean I’ll give you some context here because people I mean people don’t know me right and they say oh well you must have had something or some advantage


(39:39) that I didn’t have um but actually like if if I’m being real like in many cases I think maybe the exact opposite I had to I had to really figure things out on my own growing up um I mean my parents loved me to death of course they did their best but if I’m being honest like I don’t think and I’m sure many people can relate to this like I didn’t get the level of of emotional support and comfort and guidance on growing up and on masculinity and on success that that I could have and in fact my parents even though they were


(40:22) both entrepreneurs there were a lot of ups and downs it was it was very tumultuous you know there would be years when we were we were doing okay we had a nice house you know we went went on vacations and then there were years when like we were on basically government assistance like it was very very very Rocky and I never had a traditional like schooling background either I was fortunate because when my parents did have money I I uh in an elementary school they pulled me out of public school because they realized that


(40:55) I wasn’t being pushed to the level that I could be and I was able to go to private school for a few years and that definitely helped my intellectual development but I never finished high school like I I tested out of high school when I was 16 because honestly I was bored out of my mind um I never I don’t even have a high school diploma so you’re a true entrepreneur from the youngest time I’m a high school and college Dropout and you know I don’t have I don’t have you know a degree from


(41:22) Stanford or from anywhere I have a few credits from Santa Monica College and De Anza College in California that’s about it you know um but I taught myself things from a young age because I was interested in because I could and if we’re if we’re getting even deeper because that kept me safe like stimulating myself intellectually and learning that was how I sought comfort in the world when there was so much chaos around me and I couldn’t predict what was going on with my fellow humans I realized you know what I can predict


(41:54) what happens with computers you you write these ones and zeros and in this case it was C plus plus so it wasn’t quite at that level but still like close to machine language you write that and then the computer’s gonna output this so I had every yeah I had I had a lot of opportunities and I grew up in the Bay Area I’m grateful for that but at the same time I had a ton of stuff that I had to overcome and I never you know had okay you know what parents I need thousands of dollars like I never had anybody supporting me every


(42:24) dollar I’ve made and I’ve been working since I was 11 years old like I’ve made it for myself and and I say that not because oh you know look at me like look at everything I’ve been able to do like that’s completely irrelevant I’m saying that because you can literally have every single disadvantage in the in the book and every Challenge and not have a formal education um not come from wealth not have parents that necessarily support you and still be able to create whatever whatever you


(42:53) want to create um anybody can go to the Mexican embassy and say okay here’s my income from my remote job I wanna I want residents in Mexico and come here and go and live on the beach but it’s it’s the choice it’s saying because you have to sacrifice certain things I’ve had to sacrifice you know closest to my family and uh Community by by being a digital nomad and potential opportunities for money if I was living in San Francisco or Austin or or another big city in the U.


(43:26) S I certainly could be making more money or at least for the last uh 10 years until things started to really get more digital I could have made a lot more money over the course of my career so far if I would have been in the States but I I looked at what I really wanted and I wanted freedom and I wanted to travel and I wanted to explore new cultures and languages and people and so I prioritized that so it’s about making the decision and it’s about prioritizing what’s really important for you in your life and


(43:52) what’s going to make you happy and it all starts there and then I think a lot of the time people people see it backwards you know we I need to figure out what I’m what I’m doing in in this world right and what I need to do from for money for example but I think the most important thing is acknowledging what is it that I really want to be like what what’s true and authentic to me and when you start there then the other things start to start to appear from that I love it it’s interesting you


(44:18) finish by saying what I want to be that website is called how to become more it’s about you it’s be do have it’s not have do be and and that that that power the feeling that what we are inside if we can put outside we are empowered by that I mean a lot of people says hey this is what’s happening outside this is what’s happening so they’re empowering the outside circumstances interest Kobe whatever it was and then by doing that disempowered themselves but when you Empower yourself you


(44:53) automatically disempowered other circumstances and hence you live the life on your terms and as you said you wanted to go where it’s warmer less traffic as I can imagine in California must be so much traffic which I don’t like either and now you know close to the beach and very soon at the beach what a difference lifestyle but this is a choice that you make and you are a living extension of the choices that you make the thoughts that you have and coming back to one of the things that you said is so important to me


(45:21) foundation with all my clients is first we need to have Clarity first what is it that you want what do you want why are you here what is it that you want and then since we talk about business what is it that your clients want and is there a match in here and if there is then we can go forward but Clarity is important because life keeps throwing things at you and once you’re clear on something and right now I’m using my hands so as an event coming at me and then I look at the event and I says is this in harmony with what I want


(45:50) yes I can take it then another one comes is this in harmony what I want no I push it away right away not wasting energy and time and trying to dig in the rabbit hole that’s going to lead me nowhere Clarity is key to start for self and for others and so that’s that’s so powerful and so what you’ve done is create Clarity for what you want and now you’re creating it and it’s in everybody’s and some people says living at the beach you’re crazy man I need to have this this and that’s fine and that’s why this


(46:21) world is wonderful if we were all the same it would be a boring place to live but we can get some colors from other people’s experiences that’s so cool I love it so what words of encouragement now let’s let’s go back to you were discouraged and and and then I said if you ever discouraging oh don’t be alone seek out help from other people regard myself for personal development professional development Justin for your emails or other people if you need to but what words of encouragement do you have


(46:50) for struggling entrepreneurs because you said something like no matter how bad things it things are you said you need to you need to and what’s the word that you use I can remember and push through and get out of that and take the actions it’s not about how you feel it’s uh yes you can you can take that time and give yourself self-care and I think that’s very important I think it’s very important to fill your own cup up but you’re not always going to feel like taking the action and I think it’s

(47:20) important to distinguish between oh wow there’s this really persistent pattern of I don’t feel called to show up for this thing maybe that means that you’re out of alignment but if you’re just like feeling low energy or you’re procrastinating I mean it could mean that you’re out of alignment so I think it’s important to again that’s where the breath work comes in the breathing the meditation the yoga the the journaling it’s important to really distinguish the fluff from the yeah the signal from the


(47:48) noise right in our Digital World um so it’s important to do that so you can’t until you’re really clear with yourself you’re not gonna know is this thing that’s challenging me is it because it’s really not in alignment with with my purpose is it really unaligned or is it that I’m feeling bad so that that’s a great question like you want first you want to be able to get present and then when you get present you can make the distinction between is this truly serving me and if the answer


(48:16) is yes okay great what do I need to do to get myself motivated uh to just just take the action in spite of not feeling like taking the action today Yes actually my dad used to say my dad was an anesthesiologist so puts people to sleep for uh Thoracic Surgeons and and sometimes he uh a person would pass and you know you do all that you can and there’s some complication and things and he says I hated my job when this happens I hated it but I cannot stop this and have to think of all the lives that I’ve


(48:53) saved because of my talents and ability and he used to tell me says France what whatever you choose in life don’t think that it’s going to be a Rosy walk in the park all the time it’s not there’s a reality of things that hit you sometimes and it hurts but it’s part of the game and it’s testing your resiliency increasing your commitment to actually focus on the good and the best that you can bring to the table so you can help others your fellow man fellow women all around you and that’s an important


(49:21) distinction also something oh I hate this because it’s hard well just a second maybe it’s part of the journey for you to grow so you can handle more things so that distinction is also something that I like what you said and I do it too you have to breathe you have to relax you have to journal and analyze this thing is this part of it or am I the cause of it because if it’s recurring and it’s not fun well then maybe you’re the Cog in the wheel that that’s not a good one and it needs to be


(49:46) fixed and you can do something about it that’s awesome I love I love that part cool and you mentioned story too like your story isn’t just powerful for the good parts the most powerful parts of your story are the hard parts so whenever you’re in the middle of it I think that one thing that that’s helped me a lot if you’re asking for like specific Solutions one thing that helps me a lot is asking the question how does this serve me so the two parts that are how does this serve me right now in the Moment


(50:15) Like This this pain this struggle right like like realizing now and and if I were looking at this from the future version of me like how does this serve me as part of my story and uh Alex romozy who I follow a lot uh with acquisition.com he he talks about a very interesting exercise that I think is incredibly powerful and I’ve started to do this in my day today is think about yourself when you’re 80.


(50:42) how that 80 year old version of you is going to look back at you that had you know fully functioning energetic body can travel can move around can exercise can do all dance can do all these things imagine what it would be like for that 80 year old version of you to have this one day that you’re living right now to have that one day to go back in time and re-experience that and that that’s gonna like just just drop the Gratitude everywhere because you’re gonna say wow there’s net there’s never going back in


(51:17) time like this day that I have right now this is the only time that I’m ever going to experience this day and how grateful would that 80 year old version of me in the future be to be able to experience this day today in my body with my health with my Vitality with my energy I love it Tony I’m National trainer for Tony Robbins and and Tony used to tell us that he talks at the 70 because in those days it was the 79 people are 80.


(51:43) my mom is 92 and and he was talking take that test of let’s see that you’re 80 years old now and you’re a rocking chair holding your wife’s hands or your your significant other’s hand and you’re rocking and then you think of your life of the things that you wanted to do things you wanted to do and and he touched on something there was someone talking about the wanted to commit adultery that they were talking about says oh I want to be unfaithful tomorrow and he says hold on a second imagine you’re 80 years old and


(52:10) you’re holding yourself and now you think of that event how good was it that 20 minutes or that whatever it was going to be and says this is worth it and so he was bringing back some sense into and some people said yeah it was but maybe it’s not you decide no one is there to judge but that that that thing that test that 80 year old test and sometimes you say man should I have went for it should I have asked this new course or taking this new thing in my life and then when you’re 80 years old says man I should


(52:39) have taken it well don’t don’t wait till you’re 80 take it now and make it happen so it helps sometimes to have a different perspective so I love that you bring this to the table and using in a positive way so yeah I’ll go real just really quick you know her yes yes we’re running out of time here but there’s just so much stuff here that we’re volleying back and forth that I just feel really called to comment on that too like here’s the thing super super super big picture you’re talking about perspective


(53:06) yes this game of life I know this sounds so cliche but in this game of life nobody’s gonna make it out alive that’s for sure you might as well Play Fool out that you might as well you might as well ask that girl out you might as well you know go and spend time with your family that you may not be able to to see very many more times you might as well take that next step in your business talk to that that person that you want to have on your show or that you want to be on their show that you think is like totally out of out of

(53:41) your reach I’ll throw this out there into the universe I’m going to be interviewing Grant Cardone soon on my podcast we haven’t scheduled it yet but it’s gonna happen I think in the in the next few months here maybe sooner I don’t know we’ll see but like those are the kind of people that I’m attracting and into into my world little by little uh so yeah you gotta you gotta take that risk you gotta you gotta live life like it’s the only one you got because it is the only one you got it is it is not a


(54:08) dress rehearsal this is the real thing and we only have one crack at it and so that’s awesome I love it so tell us what’s Legacy not like what’s next on your to-do list any professional project or something you like to share with people before we go so looking at the the conscious marketing thing right like that that to me is like very much an intermediate step if I’m if I’m raising up the kimono here right um the idea is that this whole conscious marketing thing is really in a sense uh almost a trojan horse to


(54:46) work on what I’m really building after that which is transforming the consciousness of the planet uh now specifically I know I mentioned this when we spoke a little bit earlier but there’s so much work that gets to be done I think with my fellow men so I’m very passionate about creating groups of men where we can come together as a community and talk about the Deep issues that affect us talk about our relationships with ourselves with women with our families with the world about our purpose and the way that I’m going


(55:18) to be doing that is is both through a transformational coaching program that I’m that I’m currently in the process of launching it’s also through Retreats I have one that’s going to be in Mexico here in August if anybody is curious about that feel free to reach out um and it’s on your website they’ll be able to figure out that yeah it’s going to be there soon it’s it’s it’s coming soon um but we’re putting together those types of groups those types of events those types of programs because my real


(55:46) goal here is to allow this next generation of like kids that are that are coming into this planet to not have to suffer in the ways that I did in order to learn the lessons I did and I think that starts with helping to really level up the consciousness of men and of course women like that’s that’s that’s a part of it I mean everybody but I think we as men really need our own spaces uh to be able to have these these deep difficult conversations because when we can show up for ourselves as men we can show up for our families we can


(56:22) show up uh with our wives we can we can show up with our partners we can show up in the world and I think little by little that’s how we’re going to transform the consciousness of the planet into one that is more connected more loving more more true more authentic I want to eliminate all of the all of these gaps in communication uh the anger the frustration the the wars like again that’s a very very big Vision but tying it back to all of this like it starts it starts with one person at a time so one at a time that’s that’s kind of the


(57:00) the bigger picture vision cool I love it yeah and that’s one of the things that I liked always in saying stop tiptoeing through life someone’s got a problem you have a solution and then you owe it to them to actually connect with them to help them because if you don’t it’s a lose-lose situation you lose because you don’t serve and they lose because they’re not served so let’s stop tiptoeing through a life make our message out there make people and live with passion Mission and driven in


(57:29) order to serve others and Elevate one person at a time the world that we live in I know that you have a gift for us I’m gonna put it right here so justinkultner.com forward slash gift so can you tell us what that would be for people absolutely so what it is right now and it may or may not be this in the future because we’re always changing things evolving uh but if they go there now they can get a copy of my guide that’s around email marketing and how to communicate better through email to your list uh in in this specific guide in


(58:02) this current version we go into how to get your email into the inbox with your list so that you can actually serve more people through your transformational high ticket programs get more people on the phone with you have more coaching calls sell more programs and it’s always evolving um we’re looking at really helping coaches and consultants and all business owners that are that are selling transformationally not necessarily transactionally we’re looking at helping them get into more high-level conversations with people that they can


(58:31) serve people that they can make the most difference with so if you go there you’ll be able to download that guide and uh you’ll be on my list and and we’ll hear from you about other events and Retreats and and things like that that we’re doing in the future that tie in both the business and the personal development aspects of things excellent I absolutely love it so hey Justin thank you so much for taking some of your time to share with us your mission vision and passion to empower and get men together so they can level


(58:58) up to their level of the performance that they’re meant to be I thought some people says I don’t think I can make it I believe that we can do so much more than we’re doing and oftentimes somebody says well I don’t believe you said well then borrow my belief in you and then I believe in you it’ll help you to start taking a step and guess what once you start taking a step you’re no longer stuck you’ve taken a step you start moving and then that traction becomes momentum and becomes exponential growth


(59:26) and then we can start changing and turning other people’s lives around and that’s awesome Justin thank you so much for coming here today I appreciate you and everybody that’s listening keep on making a difference live your life to the fullest someone’s waiting for a message from you you’re the only one that can hear it from and so make it happen and until next time everybody God bless and make it a great day thanks again and have a good one thank you

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